Big Brother Canada 7 Episode 18 Recap: A Marked Man

On Thursday, Big Brother Canada 7 ended with Sam leaving the house to head to the jury house. Her eviction was no surprise, as the Pretty Boys (minus Adam) finally got their way. It’ll be a lonely week for Sam without her main squeeze Adam in the jury house. Meanwhile, Adam continues to look like a threat. He may not have the best Big Brother social game, but he has the competitions down pack. He really needs to win this week or he could be in danger. Luckily, for him, he has to shot to keep himself safe.

The Head of Household competition was still underway when the episode concluded. We may already know the winner, but tonight we’ll see how he/she/they won their power. Next, we’ll find out who they decided to target this week and why. Let’s sit back and enjoy tonight’s Big Brother Canada 7 episode.

Kyra feels bad that they didn’t vote for Sam to stay in the game, despite knowing that she didn’t have the votes to stay. The Pretty Boys do a brief celebration, but Adam feels bad doing it after Sam left.

BBCAN7 Week 7 Head of Househhold Competition

The final eight Big Brother Canada 7 houseguests really need to step their game up if they want to make it to the finale. Who will gain the most power this week?

Drunk Speeches-the houseguests have to hear altered speeches, and then try to guess what day they happened. The houseguest to get the most points after all the rounds, wins HOH.

Round #1-Mark is the only one to get a point.

Round #2-Mark, Adam, Damien, and Kyra all get points.

Round #3-Mark and Este both get points.

Round #4-Mark, Anthony, Adam, and Kyra all get points.

Round #5-Everyone is correct, except Dane and Anthony.

Round #6-Everyone is correct, except Anthony and Kyra.

If Mark gets the next one correct, no one can catch up, and he’ll become the HOH winner.

Round #7-Mark and a few others get it right.

Mark is the new Head of Household.

Dane kind of throws this comp to come off more as a dumb jock.

Mark then has to name the HBs. He names Damien, Este, and Dane. He also says in the DR that he might have take a shot at the Pretty Boys this week because he knows he can’t beat them in a final four scenario. The Pretty Boys celebrate Mark’s win, but he’s debating what’s his options for this week. He wants to go after the Pretty Boys, but he’s not sure if it’s the right move.

He said once he goes down this road, there is no turning back.

BBCAN7 Week 7 Nominations

Will a Pretty Boy see the block again this Big Brother Canada week, or will it be time for another non-Pretty Boy to go out the game?

Cory and Dane discuss who Mark might nominate. Dane thinks maybe himself, Este, Kyra, or Damien. Cory thinks that it might be Adam. Mark then tells Dane that he wants to put up Adam. He claims that it goes along with their story about them not being in alliance. Dane tells him that he should explain this to Adam.

Kyra and Adam tease Este that she is Dane’s girlfriend. Este says in DR that she doesn’t want people to think they’re a power couple. Anthony talks to Kyra about his mom being his real ride or die, and the hardship he endured growing up, but she kept the family from suffering too much.

Anthony, Adam, and Mark discuss nominations. Adam says that Mark should nominate Este and Damien because they won’t win POV. Mark then says he has another plan, and he wants to nominate one of the boys. Adam knows that he means him. The two start arguing about when he didn’t remove Mark from the block, and that Adam doesn’t feel comfortable being on the block.

Dane and Adam have been counting the boxes, then one day a recorder is seen by Damien and Este. Dane enters and they ask him if they should hide it? He says yeah and they hide it.

Mark takes Damien to the Wendy’s date. He tries to get some info out of Damien, but doesn’t get much. He then talks to Cory. He doesn’t like that she speaks down to him like a teacher trying to talk to a student.

Dane and Mark discuss nominating Adam. Dane offers to go up with Este, and this makes Mark question if now is really the time to go after the Pretty Boys. He still wants to talk things out with Adam. Adam still doesn’t understand why he’s even an option to go on the block. He then confronts Mark about it. They start arguing in front of Dane.

Mark nominates Adam and Damien.

Adam then gives a speech about taking himself off the block, and then going after Mark. Adam admits his speech is just for show to make people think he’s not working with Mark.

Images screencapped by 89razorskate20

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