Who Went Home Tonight? Week 6 Eviction Recap

This could be the week that the Big Brother Canada 7 romance comes to an end. Basically, since the start of Big Brother Canada 7, Sam and Adam have been inseparable. This has caused lots of issues with their alliance members. The Pretty Boys have seen Sam as the enemy almost since day one. They believed she would divide Adam’s attention, and eventually, he would pick her over them.

Kyra just sees Adam as a game threat. He’s Sam’s close alliance member, but he has put them on the block multiple times. They want Adam out because they don’t believe they can trust him. Despite their alliance members, Sam and Adam have done everything to keep each other safe. Now they’re going to likely be torn apart tonight.

The Pretty Boys, via Anthony, have successfully convinced Cory that getting Sam out is in her best interest. Este also sits on the block, and she’s Dane’s close ally, but she doesn’t have any hold on Dane, especially not like Sam has on Adam. Also Sam has shown herself to be very competition capable. It would take a miracle to save Sam tonight, and that’s just what Adam and her need.

BBCAN7 Week 6 Power of Veto Ceremony Fall Out:

Cory put Sam on the block. How will Adam and Sam take this big game move?

Sam and Adam are upset by this blindside. Meanwhile, Anthony, Mark, and Dane are thrilled. Sam tries to talk to Cory to explain that she has everything all wrong. Cory doesn’t quite believe her.

Sam is a little upset with Adam because the whole reason she wasn’t able to effectively communicate to Cory what happened last week was because she didn’t want to throw Adam under the bus. Sam didn’t want to mention that Adam was involved in these conversation.

Later, she shows a little hostility towards Adam. Later, Sam admits to Cory that Adam was included in these conversations. She also tries to campaign to Mark to stay in the game. However, before Sam starts, Anthony, Mark, and Adam have a conversation.

Mark mentions that he would never vote for Sam to stay because she put him up during her HOH. He gets very heated about it. Later, Sam tries to campaign for Dane’s vote, along with Kyra and Adam. Dane tells Este and this sparks her to campaign harder.

Arisa Cox gives them a brief question and answer segment. She asks such questions as “who will win Big Brother?” Most people say themselves, but Adam mentions his boy Dane. They also get asked “Who is the most underrated player?” It’s a bunch of different answers for this one, including Kyra, Damien, Este, and Mark.

BBCAN7 Week 6 Eviction Vote:

Adam VTE Este
Anthony VTE Sam
Damien VTE Sam
Dane VTE Sam
Kyra VTE Sam
Mark VTE Sam

Sam is evicted five to one.

Arisa asks her about whether she regrets protecting Adam this week. She does. During Sam’s goodbye speeches, all the Pretty Boys do their secret sign, including Adam. He also tells her that he loves her. She’s headed to jury.

BBCAN7 Week 7 Head of Household

Adam really needs this week’s HOH, because without Sam, he won’t really have a true ally. Can he pull it off? Will any of the four eligible non-Pretty Boys win it?

This week’s Head of Household is called “Dunk Speeches.” Houseguests must listen to regular speeches but they’re altered to sound drunk. The houseguests must then identify the day they happened. The player with the most points at the end, becomes HOH.

Round #1-Mark received a point

Round #2-Mark, Adam, Kyra, and Damien all received points.

Tune in Sunday to see who won it (or just take a look here)

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