Big Brother Canada 7 Week 6 Eviction Spoilers-Who Went Home?

We’re down to only nine players left: Anthony, Adam, Cory, Damien, Dane, Este, Mark, Kyra, and Sam. Someone has already left the house, leaving us with the final eight. There can only be two players sitting together on finale night. If the Pretty Boys have anything to say about it, it’ll most likely be one of them and Kyra. The only way to get to their complete domination would be to get out the other players that they see as a threat.

For them (minus Adam), Sam is their biggest threat to win the game. Then they believe that can just easily get out Damien, Este, and Cory. Things might not go as planned with Damien, Este, and Cory all having more competition potential than credited. For now, they’re all laser focused on getting out Sam. Taking out Este only crossed their minds as a plan if the nominations stayed the same this week, and Dane had the potential to go to the jury house.

We would be very shocked if the Pretty Boys didn’t take the opportunity to get out Sam while they have the chance. So who went home this week?

BBCAN7 Week 6 Eviction Spoilers

  • Evicted: Sam, 5-1
  • Head of Household: Mark

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