Big Brother Canada 7 Spoilers: Week 7 HOH Results

Big Brother Canada 7 Premire

The odds are in the Pretty Boys favor to win this week’s Big Brother Canada 7 head of household competition. They have four out of the seven players competing in their alliance. Additionally, Kyra has shown themselves to be very bad at competitions. Therefore, it’s basically four against two. To make things even more in their favor, Adam and Dane combined have won more competitions than most of the remaining eight. We would be shocked if a Pretty Boy didn’t take home another Head of Household win.

The only real hope of disruption would be if Damien won Head of Household. He has a good chance, but Damien would likely just take out who they told him to get out. If not, he would likely take a shot at Adam. If Adam won Veto, then most likely Cory or Kyra would end up leaving the game. Despite the clear dominance of the Pretty Boys, we’re still hopeful to see a power shift and some new blood in the Head of Household seat.

So who won this week’s Head of Household competition?

BBCAN7 Week 7 Head of Household Results

  • Mark won it

Are you happy about these results? Who do you think will become this week’s target?

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