Big Brother Canada 7 Episode 19: The Secret Assassin Strikes

This week could be the one where the Pretty Boy alliance falls apart. It started when Mark gained power. He declared war on them, because he knew he needed a big move in his resume to win the game. He set his target on Adam. Adam and Sam kept him on the block a few weeks ago, and their decision put him at risk for eviction. Mark, obviously, stayed. However, the scars remained. Last week, he got his revenge on Sam by voting her out of the house.

This week, he wanted to take out Adam. However, once he saw how loyal Dane and Anthony were to him, he wasn’t sure if betraying the Pretty Boys was the right move. He still nominated Adam and Damien. Adam then gave a planned speech to totally throw everyone off about Mark and Adam working together.

On Sunday, we also saw the introduction of a recorder. Tonight, we will find out

BBCAN7 Week 7 Nominations Fall Out

Mark put Adam on the block. This Pretty Boy for sure won’t be so easy to forgive and forget. Is it time for the Pretty Boys to go to war?

Anthony finds out that they might have to nominate Cory as a replacement nominee if Adam or Damien comes down. Of course, Anthony is pissed about this, and tells Cory.

BBCAN7 Week 7 Power of Veto

Adam has the record for the most wins in the BBCAN7 house. Is it time for him to add to that record?

It’s a Wendy’s based POV comp. The houseguests have to slide down a poll to carry their pieces to a board. It involves a lot of running back and forth. They must also add spice to keep their timer from going out. The first houseguest to solve the puzzle wins $5,000 and a POV.

The players are Adam, Damien, Este, Cory, and Kyra.

Adam takes an early lead, followed by Damien, and Cory. Este and Kyra start at the end. At some point, they get a call and if they answer it, they get a bigger spoon. Damien answers it and wins the spoon. Adam is frustrated that Kyra keeps yelling at him to fill his spice.

Adam puts his puzzle together, and Cory is close behind. Now he has to get the six balls in the hole. Kyra finishes her puzzle second followed by Cory. Adam then gets his first ball. Este ges her puzzle down next, and Damien is in last place. Adam gets his second ball just as Cory gets her first. Adam gets ball three followed by fourth. He only has two balls to go.Then he gets those last two balls.

Adam wins the Power of Veto and $5,000.

BBCAN7 Week 7 Power pf Veto Ceremony

Mark has the opportunity to make a big move. But does he have the guts to do it?

Anthony then goes to Mark to try to campaign to him to try to get Cory to be safe. Mark starts to see it Anthony’s way. He doesn’t want to put up Cory because it furthers Adam and Dane’s game. He respects Anthony because he fought to keep him when he was on the block, but Adam and Dane didn’t.

Este tells Mark that if she goes up, then she loses trust with him. Adan then tries to get Mark to not back out of the backdoor Cory plan. Dane and Anthony join the conversation. Adam and Dane tell Mark that they still think Cory is the best option this week. Mark then brings up that if they wanted Cory out so much, why didn’t they take her out Sam’s HOH week. It’s more back and forth between Mark and Adam.

Adam uses the Veto on himself. Mark names Este as the replacement nominee.

The Secret Assassin Strikes

This twist could save yet another dude, and send another woman out the game. More coming tomorrow…

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