Big Brother Canada 7 Spoilers: New Twist Adds a Third Nominee

On Sunday, we saw a tape recorder come into play in the Big Brother Canada 7 house. Este was the first one to spot it, and then she told Damien and Dane about it. They decided to hide it from everyone else. Well this tape recorder saga has been going on for days. Eventually, Adam found it as well, and some other clues. Then he told some other people, and a lot of the players began searching for the tape recorder and more clues.
We expected it to come into play at some point in this week. It finally has. Today, someone found the key to unlocking the powers of the tape recorder. No one has admit to it, but it definitely seems like Adam or Damien found out how to unlock the tape recorder powers.

The tape recorder apparently allowed a third person to go on the block as part of the secret assassin mission. Big Brother gathered the houseguests into the living room, and then told the nominees (Este and Damien) to take their seats. A message then went on the screen:

Throughout the season, the archive room has piled up with an endless flood of documents and boxes. What you don’t know is that one of the boxes contained a special power. This power allows one agent to change the trajectory of the game. This power has been found. The agent that found it has now assumed the role of secret assassin. The assassin earned the right to secretly nominate a third houseguest for eviction. Cory has been nominated by the secret assassin.

So now Cory, Este, and Damien face eviction on Thursday. This almost guarantees that Cory goes home this week, and looks like Adam gets his revenge for Sam’s eviction. It also follows the pattern of the season: a woman takes out another woman and then gets evicted right after her.

Are you happy about this twist? Who do you think won it? And who do you think will go home?

Screencaps by 89razorskate20

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