Big Brother Canada 7 Predictions: Will the Twist Send Someone Home?

Yesterday’s Big Brother Canada 7 episode ended with Este and Damien on the block. If you’ve managed to go spoiler free and want to stay that way…then leave now. We mean it…GO. Get out of here! Turn back now!

Okay, now that that’s out of the way, a few days ago, we learned what the Big Brother Canada archive is all about. Apparently it contained clues that led to a special power. This power allowed one person to make a third “secret assassin” nomination. We now basically know that person was…Adam. Since Cory took out his love Sam, he has wanted to return the favor by getting her out.

He also, along with Dane and Damien, saw her as the last strong player standing in the way of a total Pretty Boys domination. Anthony fought hard to keep Cory off the block. He even convinced Mark that getting out Cory was not in their best interests. It was in the best interest of Dane and Adam. This allowed Cory to stay off the block when Adam removed himself from it.

However, Cory’s block-less life wouldn’t last too long. Adam used his power to make Cory the third nominee. Now tonight either Este, Damien, or Cory will leave the house. Mark and Anthony would prefer if Cory stayed, but Dane and Adam want her out. We expect the votes to go as followed:

Dane VTE Cory
Adam VTE Cory
Anthony VTE Damien
Kyra VTE Cory

There was a lot of discussion about who to evict. Each guy has a horse in this race, and at one point, Dane was considering voting out Este to make the vote 1-1-2,  allowing Mark to cast the final vote. He also wants to do it to set up Adam so that he continues to be a target in Damien and Este’s eyes, but we think that Dane won’t make that risky move. We think he’ll come to his senses and just vote out Cory. If Dane makes the risky move, then Anthony could decide to double cross Dane and get Este out by changing his vote, which would give Mark the tie breaking vote. He would vote out Este to save Cory.

We see Cory leaving the Big Brother Canada house and joining Sam in the jury house tonight.

Who do you think will leave tonight?

Screencap by 89razorskate20

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