Big Brother Canada 7 Week 7 Eviction Spoilers-Who Went Home?

Tonight, we have a feast to pick from of Big Brother Canada 7 nominees. The week started with Adam and Damien on the block. It seemed like a man would leave out the house. We haven’t seen a boy leave the game since Eddie left during the double eviction. In total, only two guys have left the game. There are five guys to the ladies two women, and one non-gender binary houseguest. We thought this might be the week for another guy to leave, but nope.

Adam took control and set his target on Cory, one of the two last remaining women. She’s also the only other player that’s not a Pretty Boy to win competitions. Now the chips will be heavily stacked in their favor going forward to win more competitions. Este, Kyra, and Damien would all need to become comp beasts to not just get picked off from here on forward.

Going into tonight’s eviction, things seemed headed down an evict Cory path. Other houseguests also worried that there were three nominees because this would be the triple eviction. So did Cory leave tonight and was it a triple eviction?

BBCAN7 Week 7 Eviction Spoilers

  • Evicted: Cory, 3-1, Anthony voted out Este.
  • Head of Household: No one yet

Are you happy, indifferent, or sad that Cory left the game?

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