Big Brother Canada 7 Episode 21 Recap: Who Will Deliver the Goods?

On Thursday’s Big Brother Canada 7 episode, Cory headed out the main house and into the jury house to greet the person she evicted, Sam. With Cory’s eviction, this leaves the Pretty Boys one step closer to the final four. They just need to get out three more non-Pretty Boys.

The only issue is that the Pretty Boys are pretending that their alliance doesn’t exist. And last week, Adam and Mark declared fake war on each other. They promised to spend the rest of the game going after one another. This was mainly an act, but it’s an act they have to continue to keep Damien, Este, and Kyra in the dark.

BBCAN7 Week 7 Eviction Fall Out

Adam used his secret assassin power to get Cory out the game. Anthony has been preaching team Pretty Boys all season. However, he is sure to be a little bit bitter about Cory’s exit. He might just take it out on the Pretty Boys and the rest of the house.

Anthony is pissed that Cory has left the game. He starts to take it out on Adam and Kyra. He tells Kyra amd Este that he needs to have a discussion with them after the HOH comp.

BBCAN7 Week 8 Head of Household Competition

For this HOH competition, houseguests take on the role as mail carriers. They need to get their delivered packages and then stack them up. The houseguests to keep their packages stacked the longest, wins this HOH.

Adam is determined to win HOH to avoid going on the block again. Dane is determined not to win because he’s working with the Pretty Boys, and Damien and Este. Kyra starts to struggle with the competition.

The houseguests get tempted with Have boxes. The new HOH, Mark, and Este (who takes the box) are the Haves for the week, and everyone else is a Have-Not. They’re all tempted with letters and pizza. They also get mystery boxes which could add more boxes or none.

Este is the first to drop all her boxes and eliminated from the comp. Dane goes out next. Kyra goes out next. Damien goes next. It comes down to Anthony and Adam. Adam proposes that Anthony and him make a deal to keep each other safe. Anthony takes it but Adam still wants to win for himself. Anthony drops his box.

Adam becomes the new Head of Household.

Anthony is pissed when Adam takes the win. He confronts Kyra because he thinks that they were really disrespectful to Cory, and have been whispering things behind his back.

Marsha the Moose Task

Marha approaches Dane about a secret task. He has to get someone to put his tooth in their mouth, he must pretend he dropped his tooth in the cookie batter, and he has to drop his tooth in someone’s drink.

He drops his tooth in Kyra’s drink. Then he gets Este to put it in her mouth, and he succeeds in pretending he dropped it in the batter.

He wins everyone a party.

BBCAN7 Week 8 Nominations

To keep up this week’s storyline, will this week’s Head of Household nominate Mark?

Adam takes Dane to his Wendy’s date. Olivia from BBCAN6 is the person who delivers his food. Anthony, Dane, Mark, and Adam discuss nominees. Anthony suggests that Adam nominates Kyra and Este. He suggests that he tells them that the real plan is to go after Mark. Adam doesn’t want to nominate Kyra because he’s getting close with them. He then tells Mark.

Adam tries to tell the Pretty Boys that the plan doesn’t currently make sense. He tells Damien, Anthony, Kyra, Kane, and Este his “plan” to backdoor Mark. Everyone thinks that Mark should go up as an initial nom.

Adam nominates Este and Damien. He then gives a speech about Mark being his target.

Image screencapped by 89razorskate20

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