Big Brother Canada 8 Spoilers: Week 2 Veto Competition Results

Big Brother Canada Power of Veto

Big Brother Canada 8 Head of Household Chris has a very risky plan this week. He wants to take out another alpha-male and his possible biggest competitive threat, and possibly a romantically threat as well. Chris wants Micheal out of the BBCAN8 game. Instead of going right for Micheal, he picked two pawns: Brooke and Hira. Basically, almost everyone now knows Chris’s plan and are on the board, at the moment, to take out Micheal and save one of the nominees.

The success of this Big Brother Canada 8 plan really depended on if Micheal was picked to play in the Veto competition and if he or one of his allies won it. If this happened, Chris would be in big trouble going further in the Big Brother Canada game.

Chris lucked out with the Veto players pick being in his favor. Brooke and Hira are playing as nominees, then Carol, Madeline, and Vanessa were the additional players picked to compete. Susanne was chosen to host this week’s POV competition. Like with last season, Chris as HOH isnot allowed to play in Power of Veto. Carol, Vanessa, Hira, and Brooke are all likely to use the Veto. The only one who would be hesitant to use it is Madeline as she’s in an alliance with Micheal.

Did everything go according to Chris’s backdoor plan? Well…

BBCAN8 Week 2 Veto Competition

  • Hira won Veto!

Are you happy with the results? Do you think Chris will stick to his initial plan of targeting Micheal? Let us know in the comment section.

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