Big Brother Canada 8 Episode 3 Recap: HOH Results & Nominations

Credit: Screencap by @89razorskate20

Big Brother Canada premiered its supersized season with a Canada vote, a self-eviction, and an argument. These BBCAN8 players are already giving us one of the most interesting starts to a Big Brother Canada season. We now know a little more about the houseguests trying to win the Big Brother Canada 8 prize.

Last Thursday’s Big Brother Canada 8 episode ended with the start of this week’s Head of Household competition. Jamar and Minh-Ly were tied with 24 points. Only four players had taken their turn on this basketball centered Head of Household competition. Tonight, we see which houseguest becomes the new Head of Household and who they decide to target and nominate for eviction this week.

Following Nico’s decision to self-evict and Canada’s vote, the BBCAN8 houseguests have to be a bit shaken by this turn of events. It’s crucial to win Head of Household, as it’s the only guaranteed way to stay safe in the Big Brother Canada 8 game.

BBCAN8 Week 2 Head of Household:

When the episode ended, the houseguests were playing a basketball themed Head of Household competition. They had to use a trampoline device to try to make a hoop. The hoops consisted of various scores. The player who shot their basketball in the hoop with the largest number became this week’s Head of Household. Here are the results:



John Luke-23













Chris is the new HOH!

He then must pick four Have-Nots, Vanessa, Kyle, Madeline and Micheal volunteer to be the Have-Not for the week.

Brooke starts to worry that she’s the top of his list. Jamar practices his “dudes” and plan to bro-out with Chris this week. Madeline starts to flirt with Chris to try to keep the Evictors (John Luke, Rianne, Madeline, and Micheal) safe.

Sheldon, Vanessa, Kyle, and Brooke are in a secret alliance. They worry that Brooke might be in danger, so they discuss trying to make sure Chris doesn’t target them. Meanwhile, Michael and Madeline start flirting.

Susanne, Minh-Ly, Vanessa, and Chris talk about the fact that John Luke, Micheal, Madeline, and Rianne have to be in a secret alliance. The women encourage him to make a big move with his Head of Household win.

Jamar proposes that Minh-Ly and him start “a low-key” showmance.

Madeline works on trying to get Chris to target Minh-Ly to protect her alliance.

Chris takes Kyle to his Wendy date.  His mom is the person who serves him his meal.

The Have-Not room opens and it’s basically a swamp setting with frog sounds and fake snakes.

BBCAN8 Week 2 Nominations:

Who will be this week’s nominees?

Chris hints to Brooke that she might go on the block, but she wouldn’t be the target. Kyle and Sheldon talk to Chris about forming a three-person alliance. It’s just a plan from Kyle and Sheldon to keep them protect this week. Chris then lets Sheldon know that his plan is to nominate two players who haven’t talked game with him, but he plans to backdoor another player. His plan is to nominate Brooke and Hira and backdoor Micheal.

He tells Canada that his plan is to get Micheal out to get Rianne and Madeline to come to his side.

Chris nominates Brooke and Hira.

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