Big Brother Canada 8 Week 4 Head of Household Spoilers


The Big Brother Canada Head of Household is the only guaranteed safe player. Minh-Ly and Micheal learned this hard lesson with their blindside nominations. Neither thought they would go on the block, but they were both wrong. BBCAN8 is a season of constant moving parts. You never know who to trust or who can become the target in a blink of an eye.

The best way to keep yourself safe, and take control of your own destiny is with a Head of Household victory. For the past two weeks, Kyle’s allies have been in control. First Chris had the power, and then this week Sheldon took over the game. Now Kyle has been removed along with Jamar and Sheldon’s HOH was nullified, how will this major turn of events affect this week?

This week’s Head of Household was an endurance competition that had the houseguests tried to hold up their body weight with a small bar. It was similar to the BBUS’s wall competitions.

BBCAN8 Week 4 Head of Household Competition Results:

  • Sheldon Won it.

Looks like this might just be a repeat of last week. Are you happy with this week’s BBCAN8 Head of Household winner?

Make sure to join us all week to see who the new HoH nominates, who wins Veto, and who goes on the block after the Veto Ceremony.

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