Big Brother Canada 8 Spoilers: The Nomination Plans For Week 4

This week of Big Brother Canada may be a case of déjà vu as Sheldon once again holds the power. Sheldon decided to try for this Head of Household win (instead of letting someone else take it). Now he’s once again in the same tough position. Most BBCAN8 players like Sheldon, and many of them think that they’re his ally, so he still has very limited nomination choices.

His main target is still Minh-Ly, but the complication with this week is that she knows that he wants her out. Other players have tried to encourage Sheldon to backdoor Minh-Ly by nominating two other players, but Sheldon doesn’t want to get any more blood on his hands.

Despite trying to take out Rianne or Madeline last week, he tried to recover from that by making a fake alliance with them. If he nominates them again, they’ll definitely not trust him. He wants to keep things simple by nominating Carol, who has repeatedly discussed wanting to leave the game, and Minh-Ly his target.

However, a little earlier today, Carol held a house meeting but the feeds cut before we can really get to the purpose of it. She wants out of the game, so we’re assuming that she’s going to request to be nominated and evicted this week, since she was discussing leaving again.  Sheldon will probably grant Carol’s request for a nomination, but we’re not sure if Carol will change her mind again.

The house might just take the easy path this week and evict Carol, allowing Minh-ly another of her many BBCAN lives. We’ll let you know what Sheldon ultimately decides with this week’s nominations once we know for sure.

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