Big Brother Canada 8 Spoilers: Week 4 Nominations

Sheldon really wants everyone to think that he’s their friend, but he keeps winning Head of Household. It’s hard to keep and make friends as the man in power. He had a big meat shield with Kyle, but now Kyle, Jamar, Micheal, and Nico are gone. This is dwindling the male houseguests and making the few that remain look like juicy targets for the women.

Sheldon winning two Head of Household competitions in a row is definitely starting to make him look like a bigger threat than Chris. Sheldon also needs to be careful how he handles this week’s nominations.

Minh-Ly is Sheldon’s target, but Carol continues to express a desire to go home. She has made threats of self-evicting for weeks now. Before the feeds went down earlier, she started a house meeting that was probably going to result in her asking to be put on the block for eviction, and then asking the houseguests to vote her out.

Sheldon was already planning to just nominate Carol and Minh-Ly anyway, but he might still try to get the house to consider voting out Minh-Ly instead, but at this point, the house just needs to let Carol go home.

BBCAN8 Week 4 Nominations:

  • Sheldon nominated Carol and Minh-Ly for eviction.

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