Big Brother Canada 8 Spoilers: A New Mystery Room Appears

Credit @BBCAN8LiveFeeds

Big Brother Canada 8 is very much a fast moving season with multiple alliances, strange characters, and ruthless and hard game play early. We’re excited about this season’s potential. Please don’t let us down, BBCAN8. So far, the season has been surpassing our expectations and becoming a very interesting season.

Things just became even more interesting with some new additions to the Big Brother Canada house.

The Big Brother Canada 8 house experienced some unexpected changes yesterday. There was a new beach themed room that appeared and a new board in the Expedia room that contained arrival and departure times. The BBCAN8 houseguests began studying the board and searching through the room for clues or powers.

Whenever Big Brother introduces a new room, it can only mean one thing: some secret power will enter the game at some point. It being beach themed also likely means that a tropical trip will be included with the power. Last season, Adam found a secret power that allowed him to make one of the nominees. This helped him (temporarily) keep the Pretty Boys together by taking out one of Anthony’s allies in Cory. In the past, these secret rooms have led to things like secret Vetoes and eviction cancellations.

We don’t expect the beach room to start coming into play for a couple weeks, but we’re sure it’ll have an important power in it. Now the arriving and departure times could tie into the beach room or it could be something the houseguests need to remember for this upcoming Head of Household competition, or a future one.

There are so many possibilities with that element, because the arrival and departure time could possibly be part of a memory competition, or as part of code that the houseguests will need later.

What do you think about these new secret BBCAN8 elements? Part of a competition or secret power?

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