Big Brother Canada 8: Who Will Go Home in Week 2 (POLL)

Big Brother Canada season 8 is giving us a lot to work with in such a short time. We had Chris, a wildcard, as the first Head of Household of the season. He did not disappoint. Chris set his target on military man Micheal, via the backdoor. We weren’t sure if Chris would be able to execute such a big plan in the first real week of game. However, it’s looking like Chris gets his wish this week.

Micheal and The Evictors (Madeline, Rianne, and John Luke) have worked hard to keep their team together this week. Relentlessly, Micheal has tried to ensure his game doesn’t end so soon. He even told the house his target: Kyle, which led to a brief confrontation by the two potential alpha-males. We really respect Micheal’s hustle this week, but it might be a little too late.

Players like Hira, Carol, Angie, and Minh-Ly considered keeping Micheal over Brooke but they just didn’t feel like there were enough votes, didn’t want to rock the boat this early, and wasn’t sure if they could really trust the Evictors.

There are still a few hours before tonight’s Big Brother Canada 8 eviction, but as of now, the votes are looking like they’ll be 9 to 3, with everyone but the Evictors voting Micheal out. Kyle may win this battle, but a huge target has been placed on his back because of the Evictors.

Luckily, he has integrated himself in a few key alliances, so this may keep him safe. However, Kyle is definitely one of the players in danger this week depending on who wins Head of Household.

With only a few hours left, do you think that Micheal can save himself from eviction? Vote in our BBCAN8 poll below to let us know who you believe leaves the game tonight?

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