Big Brother Canada 8 Episode 11 Recap: An Early Goodbye

It has been a week since there has been any Big Brother Canada house activity. Unfortunately, Big Brother Canada 8 had to end without any resolution. The coronavirus has taken over everyone’s lives and that includes the world of BBCAN8. Tonight’s episode is the official season finale…until further notice.

Last Wednesday’s episode ended with Carol determined to leave the Big Brother Canada 8 game through an eviction instead of self-evicting. Despite really wanting to get Minh-Ly out the game, Head of Household Sheldon planned to honor her wishes, but Susanne still wanted to try to keep Carol and evict Minh-Ly.

She even suggested to Veto holder Hija that he use the Veto to save Carol, forcing her to self-evict and giving them a chance to vote out Carol. Ultimately, Hija decided not to make that move. Instead, he did not use the Veto.

Tonight’s episode should show the events that happened after the Veto, the BBCAN8 producers letting the houseguests know that the series must end early, and viewers discovering what happens to the $100,000 prize.

Big Brother Canada has a really dramatic introduction to the episode. It feels like a trailer for a very dark movie.

Production calls them all to the living room. Erin Brock comes on the speaker to announce that the Premier has forced an official lock down of all non-essential businesses, including Big Brother Canada. Everyone breaks down and discusses why they are upset about leaving the game. Most same it was their dream to be on the show.

They have one last dinner where they reveal secret alliances and game secrets. Big Brother then allows them to enter the room with their face figurines.

Host Arisa Cox came on the screen to say goodbye to the houseguests. She showed them a video of things that happened in the game, like Chris not recognizing his mom,

Jamar and Minh’s kiss, and Angie falling asleep. Arisa then announces that the $100,000 prize money will go to a Covid-19 relief fund. The houseguests then get a special message from their families. The houseguests then leave separately or in groups. They then get a final Diary Room session talking about what the season means to them.

Sheldon and Brooke are the last to leave the Big Brother Canada 8 house.

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