Big Brother Canada 8: The $100,000 Prize Money Will Go To Charity

Big Brother Canada on Slice
Big Brother Canada on Slice

Big Brother Canada 8 came to an abrupt end when Toronto shutdown all non-essential businesses due to the spread of the coronavirus. BBCAN8 fell into that nonessential category. This left fans with a somber conclusion as there was no real resolution to the season.

The season already had a lot of drama and controversy around it due to a self-eviction, threat of another one, and two houseguests being removed from the game. It was enough to cause stress for viewers and houseguests.

The unpredictable season became even more unpredictable when the show was shut down. Big Brother Canada left us with a few things to look forward to in the final days of BBCAN8. The show extended the final two episodes from being back-to-back to pushing one episode to the next week. It was also leaked that the producers wanted to do something special with the prize money, and this would be revealed on the final episode.

We now know what will happen to the $1,000 grand prize money. Host Arisa Cox announced that the prize money will go to a Covid-19 relief fund.

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