Big Brother Canada 9 Coming Soon-When Should We Expect A Premiere Date Announcement?

The Super Bowl wasn’t the only big news that happened last night. Arisa Cox dropped a short teaser hinting that the season is coming soon. It had images of the Big Brother Canada house. Then it also had her talking about the series coming back soon. This isn’t GlobalTV and Cox’s first Big Brother Canada teaser. They have been releasing them for a couple of weeks. However, this Big Brother Canada teaser had the date from last year,  March 24, 2020, when the series had to unexpectedly shut down due to Covid-19.  

Though Ontario, where Big Brother Canada is filmed, is still on lockdown, the Ontario film industry has reopened. There is still a possibility that it could shut down again with cases still being high in Ontario. However, I don’t believe Big Brother Canada would be releasing these teasers if it didn’t expect to be able to start filming soon. The increase in teasers also makes me suspect a premiere date announcement will be coming in a couple of weeks.


Pre-production of Big Brother Canada and casting has been going on for months. The casting website that applications were due in November, and that the season would happen in Spring. Generally, Big Brother Canada usually starts in the first week or weeks of March, but since no official release date hasn’t been announced yet, it may premiere a little later than the first week in March. However, on the casting website, it mentions turning 19 by February 1, this is probably when casting officially concluded, giving the series plenty of time for a possible March release. For the last two seasons, the Big Brother Canada premiere date has been announced in January. 

I think fans should expect Big Brother Canada to premiere anywhere from March 3 to mid-April. I would guess mid-March is the goal to not conflict with a potential Big Brother US season. Big Brother season 22 successfully ran in late-Summer to fall 2020 during this global pandemic, so that should give Big Brother Canada confidence that it could successfully start filming soon. I would predict that announcement of a premiere date for season 9 before the end of February, likely around February 21. 

Are you excited about Big Brother Canada 9 coming soon?

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