Big Brother Canada 9: BBCAN9 House Revealed! [PICTURES]

Big Brother Canada 9 starts in two days, so better a week later than never. BBCAN9 finally several images of the new Big Brother Canada house.  . Most seasons, Big Brother Canada has a theme, and season 9 is no different. Due to BBCAN8’s abrupt end, and the world being in the midst of a pandemic, BBCAN9’s theme is apocalyptic. This theme will be represented in the competitions, twists, and of course the house decor. We see a little bit of the apocalyptic theme in the drawings on the house, the forest decor, and the rooms are even divided by teams. 

Despite the downer theme, the house is actually very vibrant and bright. We also see some classic features like the Wendy’s room, a Marsha the Moose decoration, and the typical pantry. Big Brother Canada went big today by releasing over 40 images of the new BBCAN9 house.

You can see all 40 + images below. Seeing the new house is making us more than ready for the season to kick off. BBCAN9 premieres on Wednesday, March 3 at 7 PM EST. Then another episode airs on Thursday at 8 pm EST. The week of Big Brother Canada 9 has officially began.

Click the images to get a closer look at the gallery. 

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