Big Brother Canada 9 Spoilers: Week 2 Nominations

Last night, we had our first full night of Big Brother Canada 9 Live Feeds, and they revealed a lot, including alliances, targets, and who holds the power this week.  The Live Feeds gave us a lot more insight than the BBCAN9 episode because we learned what lead to Julie’s eventual eviction.  But Julie’s eviction is yesterday’s news and time to focus on this week.

The second week is usually a bit more excited than the first week in the Big Brother Canada house because people have formed bonds and opinions of their houseguests. For us as viewers, we also get a better sense of the gameplay, targets, and what may be the difference between being a pre-jury evictee and someone with real winner’s potential.

Austin is the current Head of Household, which means Team Destiny is safe, but Team Defenders are once going in jeopardy of eviction. Unlike last week, Austin gets the perks of being a Head of Household. So she gets to make this week’s nominations. Austin planned to nominate Josh because he was the target last week until Julie painted an even bigger target on her back. Josh is the easy out this week for most players, but Austin is also putting Kiefer in the firing line. She wants him out this week, but Kiefer happens to be in a big alliance, so he could be safe this week.

Currently, Austin plans to nominate Rohan if Josh comes off the block, but Kiefer is still her target, but she wants Kiefer and others to think it’s Josh. Though, she has told many people that Kiefer is her main target.

BBCAN9 Week 2 Nominations:

  • Austin nominated Josh and Kiefer for eviction. 

Tomorrow should be our first Power of Veto competition of the season, and we’ll see if Kiefer or Josh can save themselves from eviction.

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