Big Brother Canada Spoilers: Tensions Rise In The BBCAN9 House

Image via BBCANUpdates

In the Big Brother Canada house, the aftermath of the almost vote flip continues to haunt the Sunsetters. Some of their relationships with people outside the alliance have fractured, and two members of the Sunsetters are on the block this week. It has not been a good BBCAN9 week for them. Yesterday, tensions reached a new high.

Rohan and Kyle are still peeved that the Sunsetters were considering flipping the vote and evicting Rohan. It has caused a lot of tension between Rohan/Kyle and all the members of the group. Jedson and Tychon have been trying hard to get back on their good side, but Kyle and Rohan are plotting to take a shot at that duo once the opportunity presents itself. This is Big Brother Canada so names are going to be thrown around, but some players have been reacting really badly to any mention of their name.

We saw this happen when Jedson called a house meeting. Now, we saw it happen again with Rohan and Kyle. It probably all started when Rohan, Kyle, and Tina were talking. They were trying to form some sort of alliance with them and Tera. Tina said she had heard them mention her name. When asked by who, she threw out Kiefer’s name. So this basically set up Rohan to be frustrated with Kiefer. 

He then walked in on LaToya and Kiefer joking and mentioning fireworks. The BB paranoia hit him fast and he took it as them plotting against him. In reality, it didn’t really have anything to do with him. Rohan and Kyle decided to confront Kiefer in the pantry about the fireworks comment and him throwing their names around.  Tera and Tina were also in the pantry at this moment. LaToya was eavesdropping outside the room.

Rohan and Kyle continued to interrogate Kiefer about it, and Kiefer said they were getting aggressive with him and it wasn’t what they thought. He was on the block now so had no reason to try to throw out names. Eventually, LaToya decided to enter the room to defend Kiefer. She said that this is Big Brother, so you should be hearing your name thrown around. She said she didn’t like people all ganging up on one person and raising their voices. She then called Kyle out for being manipulative and sucking up to every HOH, but then dropping them when they were no longer in power.

Things started to escalate and the feeds cut. They later returned to a more calm scene, but apparently, it got heated between Rohan, Kyle, and LaToya. LaToya and Kyle eventually talked it out, but tensions should be high in the house all week. This may just be one of the future blow up to come.

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