Big Brother Canada 9 Spoilers: Week 3 Veto Competition Results

It’s only week three in the Big Brother Canada 9 house and we already have a highly anticipated Power of Veto competition. Kiefer and LaToya have been main characters in the BBCAN9 game, so to see one of them go out this early would be a major shake-up to the game. Currently, the Head of Household Victoria wants LaToya out of the game, but she probably wouldn’t be too sad if Kiefer left, but the Sunsetters are trying to get a non-Sunsetters member on the block to try to keep their entire alliance safe this week.

Jedson and Tychon would be happy if Tera made it to the block, but Victoria isn’t planning to put Tera up. She mentioned to Beth that Kyle was a possibility, but she secretly formed an alliance with him, Rohan, Breydon, and Austin a few days ago called the Oddballs. This left Victoria with not many options if Kiefer or LaToya came off of the block. She also didn’t want to try to make a move against Jedson or Tychon this week.

Earlier today, the Power of Veto players were picked. They are Jedson, Tychon, and Austin. This was a really good draw for the Sunsetters, especially LaToya, because either Jedson or Tychon will likely use the Veto to take her off the block. However, what they don’t know yet is that Victoria really plans to nominate another Sunsetters and one of Jedson and Tychon’s other close allies, Beth.

Things are getting real messy and we love it! Find out who won this week’s Power of Veto by reading below.

BBCAN9 Power of Veto Competition Results:

  •  Jedson won the Power of Veto

It’ll be interesting to see if Victoria lets him know that Beth will go up if he uses it, or if she’ll just let it play out. If Victoria warns Jedson, it’ll be interesting to see if he actually uses it to save LaToya or chooses to save Beth by not using it. Jedson seems close to both women, but he’s in a stronger alliance with LaToya, and Beth being more with Tychon than him, may make him pick LaToya over Beth.  Once again, Monday should be interesting.

Update Following the Veto competition, Victoria told her allies that she would tell Jedson that if he used the Veto, Tychon will go up. If Victoria does this, then it is very unlikely that he uses the Veto to save LaToya.

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