Big Brother Canada 9 Spoilers: Tychon Learns He Could Go On The Block

Big Brother Canada 9 Victoria

When Victoria won Head of Household, she had a plan: get out LaToya. She wasn’t going to let anything get in her way. Over the weekend, Victoria nominated Kiefer and LaToya for eviction. Her plan experienced a bit of a wrench when Jedson won the Power of Veto. 

If one of them won it, Tychon and Jedson’s plan has always been to use the Veto on LaToya. They happily thought they would be able to say LaToya and go about their day. However, Victoria was determined. If she couldn’t get LaToya out, she was going to get one of her biggest allies out.

After the Veto competition, Victoria told her Oddballs alliance that she planned to put up Tychon if Jedson used the Veto to save LaToya. Today, Victoria finally told Jedson and Tychon her plan to nominate Tychon if LaToya came down.

Victoria claimed that she would put up Tychon because he was the only person that LaToya would not flip the votes on, and that she didn’t want to break her promise but it was the best move to ensure Kiefer’s eviction. Victoria also tried to shift some blame onto Jedson and Tychon by claiming they were putting a target on her back by joking that she was a comp beast. She had to do what was best to keep her target low. Victoria also claimed she had so many people promise not to vote out LaToya and that she wasn’t in an alliance with Austin, Breydon, Kyle, and Rohan.

Click the images to get a closer look at Victoria telling Jedson and Tychon that Tychon is going on the block

Victoria said that she wanted to work with Jedson and Tychon in the beginning, but they never really took her up on the offer. They shared that they weren’t sure if they could trust her because of things others were saying, but didn’t name names. Victoria also let them know that Beth was also a potential nominee if LaToya came off the block.

After the conversation, Jedson said there was no way he was using the Veto and letting Tychon go home. The men were upset but Victoria misted them enough into believing her lies about LaToya not really being the target. They also considered outing their alliance to scare Victoria into doing what they wanted, but they knew that was very risky and a move they didn’t want to make.

The votes right now will really come down to where Tina and Tera decide to put their votes, because Rohan, Breydon, Austin, and Kyle are voting out LaToya. Jedson, Tychon, and maybe Beth are voting out Kiefer, whichever side Tina and Tera pick have the majority votes. Tina is still part of the Sunsetters but she’s also sort of in the Oddballs now, so this is the week where she will have to pick a side or hope the house votes unanimously one way or the other.

Make sure you come back tomorrow to find out if Jedson sticks to not using the Veto or risks losing Tychon to save LaToya. Add us on Facebook, Twitter, and download the app for all the latest BBCAN9 news, spoilers, exclusives, recaps and more.