Big Brother Canada 9 Spoilers: Week 3 Nominations

Big Brother Canada 9 is a season that keeps on giving. It’s giving us constant potential vote flips, bromances, showmances, drama, house meetings, good gameplay, bad gameplay, and plenty to talk about in the BBCAN9 house. Yesterday, we watched Josh become the second person to leave the Big Brother house, like with Julie before him, his eviction didn’t come without drama, and it left a major alliance scrambling to reassemble their game.

Thursday, a new Head of Household was crowned and this person is ready to make big moves, and it may hurt the Sunsetters alliance in the process. We’re in for a very interesting Big Brother Canada week with these two players on the block fighting for their game life.

Victoria is the new Head of Household. She knew immediately the types of moves that she wanted to make this week. She wants to take out a big game player, one of the biggest in fact. Victoria has a target set on LaToya. She plans to nominate LaToya and Kiefer, with Kiefer being who she tells some people that he’s the target and tells others that LaToya is the target. Her true allies and Kiefer know that Victoria wants LaToya out. Neither LaToya nor Kiefer are the type to just let themselves be evicted, so we’re in for a major battle this week if they both remain on the block.

BBCAN9 Week 3 Nominations

  •  Victoria nominated Kiefer and LaToya for eviction.

Tomorrow the Power of Veto Competition takes place. Kiefer has already won one Veto competition, so he may go into this one with more confidence that he could win it again and pull another victory. LaToya hasn’t really needed to win competitions yet, so with a new fire burning inside her with this nomination, she should perform well. Honestly, if I had to make a prediction right now about the Veto results, I would say that I expect either LaToya or Kiefer to win this Veto and save themselves this week.

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