Big Brother Canada 9 Episode 4 Recap: The First Veto Competition

On Monday’s Big Brother Canada 9 episode, we saw Austin become the first Head of Household of the season. Austin expressed some concerns about LaToya to her close allies Beth and Breydon, but because she made a sort of deal with her during the Head of Household competition, LaToya was out of the conversation of possible nominees.  Austin didn’t have many choices this week because her entire team (Team Destiny) was safe from eviction this week. This left Austin with only six possible nominees: LaToya, Kiefer, Josh, Breydon, Rohan, and Jedson. With limited nominees, every little move could lead to a reason for nomination.

Kiefer put a big x on his back when he tried to mentally psych Austin out in the HOH competition to guarantee LaToya’s victory and Team Defenders’ safety. Josh has been rubbing houseguests wrong all season and before he eviction, Julie tanked Josh’s game even more by throwing him under the bus. Josh and Kiefer were Austin’s easiest nomination choices this week.

Tonight, we watch as Kiefer, Josh, and three other selected houseguests compete for the first Power of Veto of the season.  We’ll then watch the Power of Veto Ceremony take place and see if that changes anything. Both Josh and Kiefer need to put all they have into the Veto competition because there is no guarantee that either of them will escape eviction this week.

BBCAN9 Week 2 Power of Veto Competition

Josh and Kiefer both really want to be safe this week to continue to fight for the title and the grand prize.  We should see a good battle today for the Veto. Rohan wants to avoid Josh or Kiefer coming off the block because he knows that he might be the replacement nominee, so he wants to be picked to play in Veto.

Tera and Victoria’s names were chosen from the hat, then Josh got the houseguest’s choice. He decided to pick Tina. Austin isn’t allowed to play as HOH.

For this Power of Veto Competition, the three chosen players and nominees must carry apples on a wheel barrier. They must try to stack their apples as high as possible. The player who has the highest stack by the end, wins the POV. However,  any apples that drop aren’t counted towards your final score.

Josh takes an unusual strategy of waiting to stack his apples on the ground before trying to move them. Kiefer keeps a lead for most of the game. Tera places fifth, Victoria fourth, and Josh and Tina tie for second and third.

  • Kiefer wins the POV with 31 apples. 

Kiefer gets emotional about his win, and then Josh and he talk about what Josh wants to do next. Josh maybe wants to split the house vote.

BBCAN9 Week 2 Power of Veto Ceremony

Will the nominations remain the same?

Tera talks to Austin about putting up Jedson. She wants to save Rohan, and she also thinks that Jedson needs to go because he’s running the house. She doesn’t understand why no one is going after him. However, she tells Austin to just put him up as a pawn. Austin and Breydon discuss LaToya again and possibly putting her on the block. Austin doesn’t know if she should play it safe and nominate Rohan, or try to go after a big target.

  • Kiefer used the Veto on himself. Austin nominated Rohan as Kiefer’s replacement.

Tomorrow, we’ll find out whether Josh or Rohan become the second evictee.


  • There was a rap segment where the HG made up an entire rap with each person having a party
  • We saw a little bit of a blooming showmance between Tychon and Beth
  • We finally saw the formation of the Sunsetters (Kiefer, LaToya, Beth, Jedson, Tychon, and Tina)
  • The BBCAN9 ball pit was open. Some enjoy it, while others worry what it might mean.

Make sure to join us tomorrow at 8:00p EST for a live eviction! Will Josh or Rohan go home?

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