Big Brother Canada 9 Episode 3 Recap: A New Head Of Household Is Crowned

On last week’s Big Brother Canada 9 premiere episodes, we met the houseguests, had our first eviction, and saw the BBCAN9 house divided into teams. This week, we’ll see more of what alliances and power duos have formed in the first two weeks of the BBCAN9 game.

Thursday’s episode ended with the eviction of Julie. Julie’s eviction came after the house had decided to vote out Josh, but she kept talking too much. After a confrontation with LaToya, Julie’s time was up in the game. Tonight, we’ll see the houseguests compete for the chance to be the new Head of Household. The HOH is free from the threat of eviction, but this season, the win also comes with keeping your entire team safe. We’ll also see the HOH nominate two people for eviction and who she or he sets his or her target on this week.

We should have an interesting episode because it’ll fill in some blanks for what happened after last week’s eviction and some of the gameplay that went on prior to the feeds starting.

The episode starts with showing how Julie threw Josh under the bus during the eviction to try to save herself. She said that Josh couldn’t be trusted.

BBCAN9 Week 2 Head Of Household Competition

Now that the players are settled into the game, we’ll see who really wants to win competitions to make some moves. For this week’s HOH, Team Destiny and Team Defenders had to try to hold on to a bow and arrow to keep balls balanced. Every time a sound was made, the houseguests had to add another ball. The houseguest who dropped all their balls last won the HOH.

Team Defenders all started to drop their balls very fast. Eventually, LaToya became the only member of Defenders left. Next, Team Destiny started to drop as well, leaving Austin. Austin and LaToya made a deal to keep each other safe, but neither wanted to drop. LaToya drops her balls.

  • Austin becomes the new Head of Household. 

While Austin and LaToya were in the finals, Kiefer started to get in Austin’s head to make her lose. This strategy painted a big read X on his back for a potential nominee.

BBCAN9 Alliances And Duos Former

Let’s see what players are already thinking strategically with the alliance choices. Let’s also see what players have already set their eyes on their ride-or-die or final two partner.

Rohan and Kyle discussed how Rohan doesn’t trust Beth and Austin, so this was his worst-case scenario. Austin then gathered her close allies Breydon and Beth to discuss LaToya. Austin talked about not trusting LaToya and worrying that she might have a thing with Jedson and Tychon.

Steal Vs Share Challenge 

Big Brother Canada sent the houseguests a challenge. Team Destiny and Team Defenders had to make a decision whether to select steal or share. If both teams picked share, they were all on a peanut butter and cookie diet for the week. If they all picked steal, they would all be on slop for the week. If one team picked steal and one picked share, then the team who picked share would get a luxury week of food and groceries and an advantage in the Veto competition. The team who picked share would get slop.

Originally, Team Destiny wanted to pick steal and Team Defenders wanted to pick share. Tychon and LaToya were picked as mediators for their teams, so the two sat in a room together to discuss their plans. Tychon was supposed to lie about share. In the end, both ended up with share giving them all a peanut butter and jelly and cookies week.

BBCAN9 Week 2 Nominations

Who will this week’s Head of Household nominate for eviction? With limited choices, this won’t be an easy week to make decisions.

Austin holds meetings with various players to try to get their perspective. We see her meetings with Josh, Kiefer, and Rohan.

  • Austin nominates Josh and Kiefer for eviction.

Austin tells Josh that he’s her a nominee because he’s been created a lot of chaos and she doesn’t know where he stands in the game. She nominated Kiefer because they haven’t really talked game and he called her out during the HOH competition. We’ll see on Wednesday if either Josh or Kiefer can win Veto and save themselves from eviction (or you can read the spoiler about who won it).


    • We saw a segment on Victoria sharing her time in foster care.
    • Austin picked Victoria as her Wendy’s date because Victoria won the competition for Team Destiny last week.
    • Austin got a video from home as part of her Wendy’s treat
    • Beth talks about flirting with everyone but would pick Tychon to flirt with. Tychon shares the sentiment.

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