Big Brother Canada 9 Spoilers: BBCAN9 Week 3 Nomination Plan

Big Brother Canada 9 seems to be operating on level a hundred with the way these houseguests are playing the game. The last two weeks have involved flip-flopping about the votes until the very end. Now it appears that this indecisiveness may have come back to bite the Sunsetters. 

The Sunsetters were torn between evicting Josh or Rohan this week. The non-Sunsetters wanted Josh out, especially outgoing HOH Austin. However, LaToya started to see the benefit of keeping Josh around and damaging the Kyle and Rohan duo, but Beth, Tina, Jedson, and Tychon weren’t really committed to making that move. It ended with a unanimous vote to evict Josh, but the flip-flopping may have destroyed some player’s game.

Apparently, before the eviction, everything came out about LaToya, Kiefer, and others trying to flip the vote to get Rohan out. Now that the vote flip has been exposed, everyone not in the Sunsetters is not too happy about those who almost switched their votes. Kiefer blames himself for what went down pre-eviction and wanted to be the sacrificial lamb for the Sunsetters and asks the new Head of Household Victoria to put him on the block.

Victoria started to have one-on-one conversations and revealed that her plan is to nominate Kiefer and LaToya, and her target is LaToya because she’s a strong player and doesn’t really talk game with her. Victoria decided to hide the fact that LaToya is her target (obviously) to LaToya. She told her that Kiefer was her target. Some people know that LaToya is Victoria’s target and others think it’s Kiefer. When news got around to LaToya that she was likely going up and Victoria’s target, a few Sunsetters members started to work on a way to make sure that two of their members weren’t on the block this week. They want to try to get Tera on the block.

Beth and Victoria talked later and Victoria mentioned the idea of putting Kyle up as a replacement nominee. There is still a lot of time left between now and Victoria’s actual nominations, and LaToya will be trying hard to stay off that block, so Victoria nominating Kiefer and LaToya seems pretty set right now, but anything can happen.

Join us later today to see who Victoria actually nominates this week.

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