Big Brother Canada 9 Spoilers: Week 3 HOH Results

Earlier tonight, the BBCAN9 house got a little smaller when Josh left the game, making him the second player evicted. Josh tried hard to stay this week, but it just wasn’t his time to win the game. After Josh’s eviction, Big Brother Canada host Arisa Cox shocked everyone with an announcement: the team twist is over. This means that Team Defenders vs Team Destiny is no more. Everyone is playing for power and safety for themselves.

The end of the BBCAN9 twist comes at a very interesting time in the game. The last few days have been very chaotic with alliances already questioning each other, and the house steadily dividing. Whoever gains power this week could really shake things up.

Tonight’s eviction episode ended with the start of this week’s Head of Household competition. It’s sponsored by OLG and had a dream-themed one. The players must watch mini-videos that used images of the players to create dream scenarios. They then need to remember if a statement read by Arisa is true or false. If a player buzzes in first and is correct, they advance to the next round. If a player buzzes in first and gives an incorrect answer, their opponent advances. Whichever player advances, they get to pick two players to go head-to-head. Four rounds had played by the end of tonight’s BBCAN9 episode, and the first round was about to start. This is how the matches were looking so far:

Round 1: Kiefer vs Tychon-Tychon eliminated

Round 2: Tera vs Brayden-Brayden eliminated

Round 3: Beth vs Jedson-Beth eliminated

Round 4: Tera vs Victoria-Tera eliminatd.

Round 5: Kiefer vs Rohan-

The feeds returned later and now we know who won this BBCAN9 competition:

BBCAN9 Week 3 HOH Results

  • Victoria is the new HOH

Victoria is a bit of a wildcard player so this should be an interesting and fun week. Make sure to keep here all weekend to find out what Victoria does as the new HOH. Add us on Facebook, like us on Twitter, and download our app for all the latest news, spoilers, exclusives, and more on BBCAN9.