Who Went Home Tonight? BBCAN9 Week 2 Eviction Recap (3/11/21)

Wednesday’s BBCAN9 episode ended with two interesting Big Brother Canada 9 players on the block. Josh has been an agent of chaos his two weeks in the game. Josh isn’t even really trying to cause chaos, it just finds him. Josh was in danger of eviction last week, but some last-minute decisions lead to Julie’s eviction.  Josh has yet to recover from his destructive week one gameplay, but he’s a fighter and that has helped him so far in the BBCAN9 game.

Rohan has also been a player that many have mentioned as a possible evictee. Rohan’s friendship and alliance with Kyle has made a few players want to take Rohan out to weaken Kyle and stop a potentially powerful duo. This week has involved a lot of flip-flopping but tonight we finally see who will go home this week. Will it be Rohan or Josh? Let’s find out!

BBCAN9 Week 2 House Meeting

One of the things that many Big Brother fans love the most is a good ol’ fashion house meeting. So BBCAN9 has a lot of potential to be a great season with a house meeting happening in week 2. Josh talks to Jedson about the fact that people were saying his name. He really throws Austin under the bus and says she’s his target. Jedson then tells others what Josh said and they encourage him to hold a house meeting.

At the house meeting, Austin denies ever saying that Jedson was in a Pretty Boys 2.0. We then got more people trying to say that Josh is just making up stuff to save his game.

BBCAN9 Week 2 Vote And Eviction

The Sunsetters discuss getting out Rohan because his relationship with Kyle means he could go after one of their members. LaToya and Tina are against taking out Rohan because they think it could expose the six. Meanwhile, Josh wants to create some chaos to protect his game and safety.Josh pitches to LaToya,  Tera, and Tina about why he would be better for their game: could be a pawn, would protect them, etc. After his pitch, they consider keeping hom.

Who will go home tonight? Josh or Rohan?

Beth voted to evict Josh

Breydon voted to evict Josh

Jedson voted to evict Josh

Kiefer voted to evict Josh

Kyle voted to evict Josh

LaToya voted to evict Josh

Tera voted to evict Josh

Tina voted to evict Josh

Tychon voted to evict Josh

Victoria voted to evict Josh

  • Josh is evicted 10-0.

After Josh’s eviction, Arisa Cox announces to the houseguests that teams are no more. Everyone is on their own going forward.

BBCAN9 Week 3 Head of Household

We likely won’t see this HOH competition play out fully, but let’s see what it will entail and who looks like it will work to their advantage. The team twist is no more so houseguests are now competing alone for safety and power. This week, houseguests faced off head to head in a true or false competition where they watched dream-themed videos with the houseguests’ images. If a player answered a question correctly, they advanced to the next round. If they answered wrong, they were eliminated. The player who won each round then picked to players to go against each other until only one winner remained.

Round 1: Kiefer vs Tychon-Tychon eliminated

Round 2: Tera vs Brayden-Brayden eliminated

Round 3: Beth vs Jedson-Beth eliminated

Round 4: Tera vs Victoria-Tera eliminatd.

Round 5: Kiefer vs Rohan-

It ended on round 5. You can wait until Monday to find out or return a little later to Big Brother Network Canada for a spoiler.


  • The houseguests got to watch some TikTok videos from former houseguests, like Sarah, Sindy with an S, Anthony, Mitch, and Adam

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