Big Brother Canada 9 Spoilers: Week 4 Nominations

One of the exciting things about Big Brother, in general, is that you could be on the bottom one week and at the very top the next. We’ve seen this Big Brother story-arc play out this week with Kiefer taking control. Kiefer was two eviction votes away from leaving the Big Brother Canada 9 game. Luckily for him, Victoria had one target all week, LaToya.

LaToya left the game and Kiefer won the Head of Household competition.  Kiefer was a proud member of the Sunsetters alliance in the first two weeks, but the Oddballs thought Kiefer was a lone wolf. He kind of became one last week. The Oddballs wanted to pull Kiefer to their side as a pawn, but without really establishing something deeper with him. Jedson, Beth, LaToya, and Tychon all thought Kiefer was the one going this week, so they kind of wrote him off as a piece in the game. However, they were still upset to lose a member and originally wanted to try to save both him and LaToya, but when that didn’t seem possible, they just moved on and planned their game future with LaToya. Tera and Tina were the only ones to really further their bond and game with Kiefer. Because of that, he’s most loyal to those two.

Kiefer really owes no one anything in the game, but he still thinks his best chance is to stay true to the original Sunsetters. He doesn’t plan to target any of them this week. Instead, he has his target pointed at Rohan and Kyle. He wants Kyle gone but his true intentions are to see one of them leave this week.

BBCAN9 Week 4 Nominations

  • Kiefer nominated Rohan and Kyle for eviction.

The BBCAN9 Veto Competition should be another exciting one because it could alter this week’s plan. Kiefer has already spoken about naming Austin as a replacement if Kyle or Rohan win the Veto, but that could all change depending on how everything plays out in the next few days. Come back to Big Brother Network Canada tomorrow to see who wins the Veto.

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