Big Brother Canada 9 Spoilers: Week 4 Veto Competition Results

This Big Brother Canada 9 week has the potential to take out another big threat. Kiefer took control this week and set his sights on a major duo. Before you start to think Kiefer pulled a huge betrayal and went after his Sunsetters team, and targeted Jedson and Tychon, don’t go too far down that rabbit hole. He wants Kyle or Rohan out this week. Kyle is his primary target and Rohan is his secondary one. but, some of the Sunsetters want to see Austin on the block, but that’s not Kiefer’s agenda this week.

On Friday, Kiefer nominated Rohan and Kyle for eviction. He’s trying to seal one of their fates with this week’s Power of Veto competition. So far, the Veto winners have been Kiefer and Jedson. There has only been two Power of Veto winners so far because the first week there wasn’t a Veto competition. With only two winners in three weeks, we really haven’t seen an established Veto winner pattern yet, so it’s really anyone’s to win going into today’s POV competition.

Kyle or Rohan winning the Veto could really shake up the week. It would force Kiefer to get more blood on his hands, and make the odds of both Rohan and Kyle staying in the house better. However, both of them staying on the block is also a good option because it keeps the divided house even, and keeps the potential of the power shifting back and forth. Earlier, today, Jedson, Austin, and Beth were chosen to play in the Veto along with Rohan and Kyle. This made the players on each side fairly even. Austin is technically an Oddballs member but I think she would be too worried about her close allies to use it if she won it. So I think the competition should come down to Beth and Jedson vs Rohan and Kyle, but I think Austin will still want to win it to ensure her safety. I just don’t think she’ll use it if she wins it.

So who won this week’s BBCAN9 Power of Veto? Read below to find out.

BBCAN9 Week 4 Power of Veto Competition

  • Rohan won the Power of Veto

Are you happy about this week’s BBCAN9 Power of Veto Competition results? This means that Austin will likely go up as a replacement nominee.  Kyle should leave against Austin, but it’s not a  guarantee with some people still leaning towards getting Austin out instead of one of the duo. Join us Monday (or tomorrow) for the POV ceremony. Keep it here all spring for more Big Brother Canada 9 spoilers, news, recaps, and much more. Download our app and follow us on Facebook and Twitter!at o