Big Brother Canada 9 Spoilers: Will Rohan Or Tina Get Off Slop This Week?

Yesterday, host Arisa Cox announced that voting was now open to free one Have-Not from slop this week. On Thursday, the Head of Household Kiefer named Rohan, Tina, Tera, and Victoria as Have-Nots for the week. Many people thought it was a savage move on Kiefer to make Rohan a Have-Not for another week in a row. He made Tina a Have-Not but then took her on his Wendy’s date. 

Last week, we saw Breydon win the Skip The Dishes’ Skip The Slop vote, freeing him from slop and giving him a reward meal. The Skip the Slop vote isn’t a big deal but it is nice to be able to eat after days (or weeks on slop). Last night, the official Big Brother Canada Twitter opened the vote and it was even bigger than last week. Tina and Rohan got the highest votes.

The vote count hit nearly 9,000 votes, versus last week’s over 5,000 votes. There was one runaway winner this week with over 61 percent of the votes. Rohan won the Skip the Slop vote, followed by Tina with 18 percent of the vote, Victoria next with 14 percent, and Tera only getting 7 percent of the vote. Rohan can now eat a meal that doesn’t involve slop. Despite being on the block, and likely losing a close ally, he has had some good luck this week, first with his big Veto win and now by winning a fan vote. This week could be even better for him if he manages to save his ride-or-die from eviction.

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