Big Brother Canada 9 Episode 9 Recap: Who Will Kiefer Nominate?

On Thursday’s Big Brother Canada 9 episode, we saw Kiefer take control of the house. As the new Head of Household, many players became a little uncertain about their BBCAN9 future with him in power. Kiefer worked hard in the first couple of weeks to make it seem like he was a lone wolf. That plan kind of got disrupted with the vote flip didn’t happen in week 2.  It made it clear to the other side of the house (now named The Oddballs) that that side (the Sunsetters) may be working together.

Victoria became the HOH and decided to target LaToya, with Kiefer as a pawn. Tychon, Jedson, and Beth decided to stay true to LaToya over Kiefer, which hurt his feelings, but he never really formed anything with the Oddballs while he was on the block. Instead, he furthered his bond with Tina and Tera. This means going into this week, Kiefer only has one true alliance: The PRE90s one.

It’ll be interesting to see how Kiefer navigates this week, going from the bottom to the top. He’ll also have to pick a side. Does he stay true to the original Sunsetters? Or does he try to join the Oddballs or form something new?

BBCAN9 Week 3 Eviction Fall Out

This week Tychon, Jedson, and Beth were blindsided when the house decided to vote out LaToya instead of Kiefer. Beth, Jedson, and Tychon were the only ones who actually voted to keep her.

Victoria tries to blame Beth for getting out LaToya, but Beth doesn’t take the bait. In the DR, Beth admits she did say LaToya should go but never mentioned Tychon going up as a replacement.

BBCAN9 Week 4 Head OF Household

For this week’s HOH competition, players had to step up to a board one at a time. They then rolled a disc to try to geta score from 0 to 10. The player with the highest points at the end of the round became this week’s Head of Household. The scores went as followed:

Tera scored 8 points

Kyle scored 8 points

Breydon scored 0 points

Kiefer scored 10 points

Jedson scored 9 points

Beth scored 4 points

Austin scored 10 points

Tina scored 0 points

Tychon scored 9 points

Rohan scored 4 points.

It came down to a tie round between Austin and Kiefer. Austin scored a 7 and Kiefer scored a 9.

Kiefer is the new HOH.

BBCAN9 Week 4 Nominations

Kiefer has a chance to make a huge move this week, which duo will be at the losing end of his vote.

Kyle and Rohan try to pitch so that they don’t go up on the block. They try to go to Jedson and Tychon to get them to talk to Kiefer to keep them off the block.

They pitch that Victoria was the one that decided to send out LaToya, which conflicts with what Victoria was saying. Jedson and Tychon don’t believe Kyle and Rohan, and want Kiefer to take a swing at them.

Kiefer talks to Victoria about working together but her not acting too comfortable so no one guesses their alliance.

Kiefer says that the duos are the most dangerous people in the game. He lists all the duos : Tina and Tera, Jedson and Tychon, Kyle and Rohan, and Breydon and Austin. He feels he needs to go after one set of duos this week.

Beth, Jedson, and Tychon discuss Austin possibly going this week because they don’t trust her and see her as the bigger threat.

Tychon tries to pitch getting out Austin this week. It makes Kiefer question if Ty, Jedson, and Beth are working with Kyle and Rohan.

Kiefer nominates Rohan and Kyle.


  • Kiefer names Rohan, Tera, Tina, and Victoria as Have-Nota
  • Kiefer says that he’s in a weird situation that the people who just voted for him to go are his alliance. He says he has to stay true to them.
  • Kiefer gets a letter from his sister.
  • Tychon, Jedson, and Beth talk about their love triangle. It works for them though.
  • It’s another chance to save someone from slop by voting on it.
  • Kiefer takes Tina in the Wendy’s date. He gets a video from his girlfriend Jericho and kids.
  • The Expedia Room. Kiefer searches the room to see if he can find a secrets power or anything. He doesn’t find anything.

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