Big Brother Canada 9 Spoilers: Who Won’t Be Eating Slop This Week?

On yesterday’s Big Brother Canada 9 episode, host Arisa Cox announced that one Have-Not would be free from eating slop this week. Head of Household Victoria picked Austin, Breydon, Kyle, and Rohan to all be on slop and a Have-not for this week. Austin volunteered and it seemed like Victoria picked her closest allies to throw the house off, and probably because these four would take the punishment the best.

Victoria won Head of Household on Thursday, so these four have been Have-Nots since Thursday. We’re sure they all want a break from slop. Unfortunately for three of them, only one person gets a slop and Have-Not pass this week.

For several hours, the Big Brother Canada official Twitter page hosted a fan poll to see who would be free from slop this week. The Skip the Slop winner for the week was a tight race between Austin and Breydon. Kyle and Rohan trailed behind, with Kyle finishing last. With over 33 percent of the votes and over 5,500 people voting, Breydon won the Skip the Slop pass for the week. 

Screengrab via 89razorskate20

Breydon will also receive a meal from Skip the Dishes. He also got to have a Wendy’s date with Victoria earlier in the week, so it’s been a good week for Breydon. We’ll probably see Breydon receive the pass and meal on Wednesday’s episode.

Are you happy that Breydon won the Skip the Slop poll? 

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