Big Brother Canada 9 Episode 6 Recap: A New HOH Crowned & Chaos Week Begins

If you’ve been following the Big Brother Canada 9 Live Feeds, then you know this week is bonkers. We have had some major drama all weekend. We will see some of that in tonight’s BBCAN9 episode. On Thursday, the house decided to vote out Josh by a unanimous vote. Prior to the decision, the Big Brother Canada 9 Sunsetters had been flip-flopping all week about whether to evict Rohan or Josh.

Ultimately, the decision to not vote out Rohan is going to come back to hurt the Sunsetters this week, especially LaToya, Jedson, Kiefer, and Tychon. The last few minutes of the Big Brother Canada 9 week 2 live eviction started the HOH competition. Tonight we’ll see who won it and who he or she nominated this week.

BBCAN9 Week 2 Eviction Fall Out

With LaToya trying to flip the vote to send out Rohan, more than just Kyle will be mad at this attempt at a big move. Prior to the eviction, LaToya tried to scramble to get the votes to evict Rohan. When they couldn’t get enough votes, Kiefer went in to protect the Sunsetters mode. He told Kyle that he thought Victoria was trying to play both sides. Kyle then tells Victoria what Kiefer told him about her trying to flip the vote.

Kifer tries to  save face with Rohan and Kyle by claiming that he was never really part of the vote flip, but they don’t believe him.

BBCAN9 Week 3 HOH Results

OLG sponsored this HOH competition. It was a dream-themed comp that involved head-to-head rounds of players picking true or false after seeing certain images involving Big Brother Canada players. If a player buzzed in and was correct, they advanced to the next round. If they were incorrect, they were eliminated and their opponent advanced. Each round allowed the winner of that round to pick the next two houseguests to face off.

Round 1: Kiefer vs Tychon-Tychon eliminated

Round 2: Tera vs Breyden-Breyden eliminated

Round 3: Beth vs Jedson-Beth eliminated

Round 4: Tera vs Victoria-Tera eliminatd.

Round 5: Kiefer vs Rohan-Rohan eliminated (Rohan intentionally throws it)

Round 6: Victoria vs Tina-Tina eliminated.

Round 7: Kiefer vs Kyle-Kyle eliminated.

Round 8: Victoria vs Jedson-Jedson eliminated.

Round 9: Kiefer vs LaToya-LaToya eliminated.

Round 10: Kiefer vs Victoria-Kiefer eliminated.

Victoria is the new Head of Household. 

Victoria then names Kyle, Rohan, Austin, and Breydon as Have-Nots.

BBCAN9 Week 3 Nominations

who will this week’s HOH target?

Victoria sets a trap for LaToya to test if they can trust her, and she fails. Victoria mentions putting up Breydon to see if she tells anyone, and she tells Austin who tells Breydon, who tells Victoria. When Kiefer and Victoria talk alone, she tells him that her real target is LaToya, but she wants him to act like he’s the target.

Victoria nominates LaToya and Kiefer for eviction.


  • Victoria took Breydon on her Wendy’s date
  • She got a video from her boyfriend, bestfriend, and dog.
  • Breydon, Austin, and Victoria formed an alliance called Glossy Posse.

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