Big Brother Canada 9 Episode 7 Recap: Can LaToya or Kiefer Escape The Block?

On Monday’s Big Brother Canada 9 episode, Victoria took control of the house and found herself caught in the middle of the vote flip that didn’t happen. Kiefer tried to blame Victoria for the vote flip, but she had already told Kyle and Rohan that she was the reason it didn’t happen. This put a big X on Kiefer’s back when Victoria took control. However, Kiefer wasn’t Victoria’s true target. That spot belonged to LaToya.

LaToya was the brains behind the get Rohan out plan. She just couldn’t execute it because Victoria wouldn’t get on board and all of the Sunsetters didn’t want to do it as well. LaToya also is in a very tight alliance with Jedson and Tychon, which everyone sees. If LaToya doesn’t win tonight’s Power of Veto competition, then her game may be over this week.

BBCAN9 Week 3 Nomination Ceremony Aftermath

Now that Kiefer and LaToya are on the block, can they do anything to sway the house from taking them out?

Kiefer and LaToya were having a conversation to try to pump each other up for the upcoming Veto. Rohan enters while it’s happening and assumes they’re talking about him. Earlier in the day, Tina reveals to Kyle and him that he heard they were saying her name, so this puts Kyle and Rohan on edge. They confront Kiefer about it, and then LaToya steps in as well.

It leads to a heated semi-argument between Rohan, Kyle, and LaToya. Eventually, everyone cools down but Kiefer tells Rohan that he doesn’t want to have anything to do with him in the game.

BBCAN9 Week 3 Power of Veto Competition

Who will win this critical HOH competition? Kiefer won last week and saved himself from eviction, can he do it again? LaToya needs to win it the most this week but can she find enough strength and stamina to pull off the win? Three other strong Big Brother Canada 9 players are competing this week, will they take home the win and save one of the nominees?

Jedson, Tychon, and Austin are all picked to play in the POV. This week’s POV competition involved a giant crossword puzzle. The houseguests had to compete to see who could complete it first. All the words were related to the Big Brother universe, so included words like alliance, target, etc. If a player messed up, or got an answer wrong, they had to reset their board and start over.

Jedson was dominating the competition pretty early.

Jedson wins the Power of Veto.

LaToya is excited because she knows that she’ll be safe. However, Victoria isn’t happy at all. She wants to scare Tychon and Jedson into thinking that she will put Tychon or Beth up if they use the Veto. Jedson, LaToya, and Tychon once again try to get Victoria to let them use the Veto without putting Ty on the block, but she refuses to back down.

BBCAN9 Week 3 Power of Veto Ceremony

This week’s Veto hold has a very big decision to make. The wrong one could cost this person greatly. In a surprising change. This week ended with a “to be continued,” so we didn’t see if he used the Veto. 


  • The Oddballs form, which is everyone but Kiefer, LaToya, Tychon, and Jedson, according to Victoria.
  • Breydon is announced as the Skip the Dish winner. 

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