Big Brother Canada 9 Spoilers: Who Will Go Home Week 3?

Last week, the Big Brother Canada 9 eviction decision came down to the very last minute.  The Sunsetters didn’t make a final decision between Josh and Rohan to the very last minute. This ended up hurting them big time because it got around the house and put a big target on many of their members, especially LaToya and Kiefer. Victoria then decided to take a shot at getting out LaToya and splitting up the trio of Tychon, Jedson, and LaToya.

All week, Victoria has told LaToya, Jedson, and Tychon that her target is Kiefer, but everyone else in the house (except Beth) knows her true intentions to take out LaToya. Jedson using the Veto was LaToya’s only real hope of survival this week, but that didn’t happen. This blinder about what Victoria and the house really plans to do has made LaToya, Jedson, and Tychon have a false sense of safety that’s about to hit them hard tonight.

There has been no flipping and flopping. Tina and Tera have made their decision to let the Sunsetters ship crash and burn–mainly LaToya, Jedson, Tychon, and Beth. They are (at the moment) proud members of the Oddballs alliance.  We still have several hours before tonight’s eviction is filmed, but it’s highly unlikely that anything changes. Everyone but Jedson, Beth, and Tychon will vote out LaToya, and the four of them will be blindsided.

If any of the three of them don’t win Head of Household, they will also be the target for everyone in the house, and one of the three is likely to follow LaToya out the door. Surprisingly, LaToya has barely campaigned this week, so she either just got too comfortable or has a secret power that no one knows about. It’s likely the too comfortable thing. If you enjoy blindsides, then you should be in for some fireworks and a show. If you’re a fan of LaToya, Jedson, Tychon, or Beth, then it’s about to be a rough week if one of them isn’t in power, and the odds are not in their favor.

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