Big Brother Canada 9 Spoilers: Who Will Go Home Week 4?

We have a potential showmance already about to be torn apart on Big Brother Canada 9. BBCAN9 is ruthless and doesn’t have time for a simple showmance, it’s a threemance or nothing. At the beginning of the week, Kiefer set his target on Kyle. Austin was only an option as a pawn. However, speaking of the threemance, Tychon, Jedson, and Beth discussed potentially taking out Austin instead of Kyle or Rohan this week. Rohan completely was removed from the board when he won this week’s Veto competition. 

Kiefer really wanted to take out a duo, and though Breydon and Austin are a pair, he saw Kyle and Rohan as the more dangerous pair between the two pair options. The last few days in the Big Brother Canada house have involved a major push to flip the vote from eviction Kyle to eviction Austin.

Tina, Tera, and Victoria were especially vocal in this quest. Tina and Tera because they want to use Rohan and Kyle to get Tychon or Jedson out. Victoria for similar reasons and also just trusting Kyle and Rohan more. Jedson, Tychon, and Beth have faded away from the evict Austin talk, though Beth especially was considering it and at one point trying to make it happen. However, all this flip talk means nothing if Kiefer doesn’t agree to it.

All these players feel a sense of loyalty to Kiefer, so they don’t want to screw him over this week by not doing what he wants. Kiefer refuses to switch his target from Kyle to Austin. He just knows he’s in danger if Kyle and Rohan remain in the house together, and he’s not afraid of Austin and Breydon as much as he is of Kyle and Rohan as a pair.  Yesterday, it was basically decided that Kyle would go this week by a 7-1 vote, with Rohan being the one vote against Austin.

However, the fact that people are really considering evicting Austin means that there will likely be more talk today about a vote flip, despite some players not wanting to experience the last-minute decision hustle that they had in the first and second weeks of the game.  At the moment, Kyle will be leaving the BBCAN9 house.

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