Who Went Home Tonight? BBCAN9 Week 4 Eviction Recap (3/25/21)

Big Brother Canada 9 keeps on coming with the surprises. Tonight it may have the biggest surprise of the BBCAN9 season. We will learn what exactly is an invisible HOH and what type of powers they possess. Before we get to the HOH drama, we have another major eviction happening tonight. Head of Household Kiefer has his target set on Kyle, but the house isn’t opposed to flip the vote to evict Austin over him.

On Wednesday’s episode, we saw Rohan change his game fate by winning the Veto.  This was the first step to possibly keeping him and his closest ally, Kyle, in the game. Now, he just has to convince the house to keep Kyle in the game over his could-have-been showmance partner Austin.

This is a major problem for both Kyle and Rohan because they’re closely aligned with Breydon and Austin. They don’t want to say or do anything that could lose that trust. Additionally, Kyle and Austin seem to have some romantic feelings for each other, so that makes this week even more complicated to navigate.

BBCAN9 WEEK 4 Power Of Veto Ceremony Fall Out

Now that Austin is on the block, she can’t be too happy that Kiefer broke his promise to keep her safe. Additionally, Kiefer nominating Austin made it really clear to Rohan and Kyle that Kyle is his target for the week.

Kyle decides to call Kiefer out about being a hypocrite. Victoria then decides to interject and call Kyle out for throwing her name under the bus.

Victoria then tries to confront Kyle and Rohan more about it. They try to throw Jedson and Tychon under the bus. She says she believes what they’re saying but she doesn’t care. She’s playing her own floater game.

Beth and Tychon discuss possibly getting Austin out this week instead of Kyle.

BBCAN9 Week 4 Vote

Tera gets annoyed that Kyle and Austin aren’t really campaigning to stay in the game. Tera then decide to push their agenda. She tries to pitch the idea of Kyle staying.

Tina and Tera then tell Rohan that it is possible to keep Kyle. They will just have to do work.

Kyle  starts to campaign to Jedson and Tychon and they really consider it.

Beth voted to evict Kyle

Breydon voted to evict Kyle

Jedson voted to evict Kyle

Rohan voted to evict Austin

Tera voted to evict Kyle

Tina voted to evict Kyle

Tychon voted to evict Kyle

Victoria voted to evict Kyle

Kyle is evicted 7-1

BBCAN9 Invisible HOH Explained

Okay, so what exactly is this invisible HOH? Arisa told the houseguests that for this week’s HOH, all the HOH’s powers will be invisible. They will make nominations in secret, are eligible to play in the Power of Veto competition and in next week’s HOH comp. The HOH Comp was an invisible Head of Household with the players standing in booths, conveyor bels will drop rock and they have to count them.

The player with the number closest to the actual number wins HOH. The episode ended without a HOH being crowned, so we will know on Monday, or if someone reveals that they’re the HOH on feeds.


  • Tina and Tera host a party. It involves dancing, drinking, food, and games.
  • A little showmance that wasn’t segment of Kyle and Austin.
  • Arisa allows the houseguests to watch some funny clips from the season.

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