Big Brother Canada 9 Spoilers: Week 5 Invisible HOH Nominations

This will be a fascinating Big Brother Canada 9 week to watch because we really won’t know what’s going on until after Monday’s episode. The Invisible HOH holds all the power this week, and we don’t even know yet for sure who it is. To make the mystery even harder, BBCAN9 decided to keep the feeds off, so we can’t even Nancy Drew our way into some answers.

Briefly, the Live Feeds returned yesterday afternoon. We got some hints and were able to narrow some people out of the running for Head of Household, but the mystery remains. However, one Invisible HOH mystery has been solved: who he or she decided to nominate this Big Brother Canada week.

The Live Feeds’ brief return heavily hinted of a Victoria Head of Household win. Then last night, they basically confirmed that Victoria is the Invisible HOH, with her plotting and planning on the feeds. The feeds have fully returned and I am pretty certain Victoria is the Invisible HOH. As we saw in BBCAN9 week 3, Victoria is a huge wildcard. She has spoken about nominating and targeting Austin, but we didn’t know if this was really the choice she would make. She also has had some beef with Beth, Kiefer is probably the only one who should feel safe if Victoria is HOH. Since it seems fairly obvious to the entire house that a Sunsetters is not this week’s HOH, Jedson, Tychon, and Beth should be very afraid this week. Almost the entire house would nominate two of that threesome.

Victoria is the only one that might not, to keep playing the middle, but even that’s a stretch because she was willing to nominate Tychon during her HOH. Victoria also spoke of a dangerous and dare I say crazy plan to nominate herself next to Austin, because she was sure she had the votes and it would throw Invisible HOH suspicion off her. However, we knew that most likely Victoria would back away from this crazy plan. Victoria really does seem to have blinders on for getting Austin out this week, but I think if Austin wins the Veto, Victoria will likely change her target and it might hit Tychon or Jedson.

Big Brother Canada decided to hold off on making nominations until today, Saturday, instead of the usual Friday nominations. The nominations happened early today, so this should still leave them time to play the Power of Veto today as well. So who did the invisible HOH nominate? Read below to find out

BBCAN9 Week 5 Nominations

  • The Invisible HoH nominated Austin and Breydon for eviction

Join us later today (or tomorrow) to see who wins the Power of Veto and whether this might change this week’s Invisible HOH’s plans. Add us on Facebook, Twitter, and download our app for all the latest BBCAN9 news, spoilers, news, exclusives, and more.