Big Brother Canada 9 Spoilers: Week 5 Power of Veto Competition Results

This Big Brother Canada 9 week, we have an Invisible HOH.  This HOH is not like a regular HOH, but a cool Head of Household who gets to create havoc all over the house, but in secret. He or she can make nominations in secret, possibly making a renomination in secret, and play in the Power of Veto if their chip is chosen. He or she also gets the privilege of playing in next week’s Head of Household competition. This may be the most powerful HOH in Big Brother Canada history.

On Thursday, the BBCAN9 live feeds were down for most of the night, following the latest eviction. They were down most of Friday but it seems like they are finally back. Yesterday, we saw the alleged Invisible HOH discuss his or her plans for the week. It was the type of insane game-play that we’ve come to expect from this person, and they didn’t disappoint.

Victoria took a semi-small swing by going after Austin. Austin has been throwing Victoria under the bus and winning comps, but we expected a much bolder move this week. Between them, Jedson and Tychon have only won one competition, but most of them have been not that physical. I believe once the physical competitions starts, Tychon and Jedson could start to dominate the game more.

It makes sense to try to take one of them out, especially if you’re a secret HOH, but Victoria seems dedicated to her playing the middle stance. She also seems to be aiming this week to blame one of the threesome for this week’s HOH, so that means she has to keep them off the block for her plan to work. Earlier today, Tychon, Victoria, and Rohan were picked to play in the Veto with Breydon and Austin. All three extra players have said they wouldn’t use the Veto if they won it. So it really comes down to Breydon or Austin if they want to stay in the game together this week.

BBCAN9 Week 5 Power Of Veto

  • Rohan won the Veto!

This is Rohan’s second Veto win, so he may start seeming like a juicy target in the future. Rohan has spoken about not using the Veto, but he could change his mind, but as of now, it’s looking like Austin or Breydon are leaving tbis week. Add us on Facebook, Twitter, and download our app for the latest BBCAN9 news, spoilers, and more.