Big Brother Canada 9 Episode 12 Recap: Who Will Become The Invisible HOH?

Last week, host Arisa Cox introduced a new twist into the game: the Invisible HOH. This special HOH has the same powers as a regular Head of Household, just with a few additional perks (like the ability to play in next week’s Head of Household competition and the Power of Veto competition). They also have the power of anonymity. This means everything he or she does will be in secret, and only he or she knows for sure what will happen this week.

Thursday’s episode ended with all of the houseguests (minus outgoing HOH Kiefer) playing in the Head of Household competition. Players had to click a clicker to keep their tally on how many rocks they saw fall. The player with the guess closest to the actual number, without going over, won this week’s Invisible HOH competition.

Being Head of Household is already a pretty powerful position, but adding the twist that you can be it in secret, makes it ten times more powerful. It allows you to take out your biggest game threat without the consequences of having blood on your hands.

BBCAN9 Week 5 Invisible HOH Competition

This competition is a pretty powerful one because of the anonymity, so it makes sense to make it a fair one by making the playing field even. You just have to count rocks to win HOH.

Everyone wants that Invisible HOH win.

During the comp, Arisa throws in temptations to distract the houseguests from their rock count. Victoria take the slop temptation. Tina takes the letter from home temptation.

It was over 680 rocks that fell. Victoria and Tera both had 688, so it went to a tie breaker question. It was how many minutes passed between first rock and last rock falling in this competition. Victoria guessed 41 when the true answer was 42.

Victoria is the Invisible HOH

BBCAN9 Week 5 HOH Fall-Out

It’s not going to be an easy task trying to keep your HOH a secret.

Tera talks about how she hopes a Oddball won the HOH. Everyone is paranoid about who won the HOH. Rohan says the Oddballs aren’t as close as they used to be. He trust Victoria but not sure if she’s playing both sides.

Rohan and Austin believe that Tychon has won HOH but Beth, Tychon, and Jedson believe that Breydon won it.

Tera gets emotional about not winning the HOH. Victoria decides to hint heavily to Kiefer that she’s the Invisible HOH.

Tychon, Rohan, and Jedson discuss believing Beth, Rohan, and Tychon have the Invisible HOH. Rohan starts to suspect it is Tychon even more. Tychon and Jedson really believe that Breydon or Austin have it. They even campaign to them to not go on the block.

BBCAN9 Week 5 Nominations

Who will this week’s invisible HOH nominate?

The Invisible HOH nominates Austin and Breydon.

Austin and Breydon are really hurt by the nomination and Austin doesn’t even want to be touched. Breydon hopes karma gets whoever did this.


  • Victoria gets a video and Wendy’s meal as HOH. She has to eat her meal in secret in the Diary room.
  • Victoria makes Breydon, Austin, Kiefer and herself Have-Nots.
  • After Have-Nots, Kiefer figures out that Victoria is the Invisible HOH and basically confirms it.
  • Beth, Tychon, and Jedson figure out that someone is trying to frame them. Beth suspects that it is Victoria.
  • Austin and Breydon thinks that it might be Rohan.

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