Big Brother Canada 12 Spoilers: Week 2 HOH Results

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Week two in the Big Brother Canada 12 house has begun. The future week created chaos that hurt a few players’ games. The house painted a big red target on Vivek. Several things made him such a house enemy, but Anthony and Victoria’s influence played a huge role in the potential downfall of his game. Because this Head of Household competition involves targeting houseguests, Vivek will not become this week’s HOH. He has no chance at it. However, it is unclear whether the Head of Household will decide to target him.

He’s not everyone’s enemy. Plus, many houseguests still see Tola as a major threat to their games. Bayleigh discussed plans to nominate Anthony and Tola, with Tola being her intended target. Additionally, she has no problem with having the target switch to Anthoy or Matt leaving if she can’t get out Tola this week. 

Therefore, depending on who wins the Head of Household Competition, Vivek’s game may still have some life. Even if he is in danger this week, the Veto is still possible. Because of the nature of the HOH competition, a likable player or an inoffensive one will probably win this Head of Household competition.

The comp involved houseguests slurping up “venom (aka water or some drink)” and then spitting it in the tub of the houseguests they wanted to eliminate. Once a houseguest’s tub filled up, they were eliminated. The last houseguest standing won the Head of Household.

This means Avery, Dinis, Victoria, Kayla, Elijah, and Donna have the best odds to win the second Head of Household. Additionally, Arisa Cox announced that the teams are gone, and Anthony and Victoria are eligible for eviction. This means that this HOH win is very important.

BBCAN12 Week 2 Head of Household Results

  • Victoria won Head of Household.

Victoria wasn’t excited about her win because she thought it would make her target grow. She also didn’t want to have to draw a line in the sand but reassured the women that they were safe. Vivek and Tola still seem high on the target list, so she can easily nominate them and keep everyone happy. Avery, Lexus, and Victoria were apparently the final three, and Lexus and Victoria the final two.

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