Big Brother Canada 12 Spoilers: The Girls Don’t Trust Lexus, Anthony’s Target Grows, Dinis’s Big Decision and Other Highlights From The March 12 Digital Dailies

Big Brother Canada 12-Donna and JanineA lot went down on the Big Brother Canada 12 March 11 Digital Dailies (posted March 12). Usually, I like to highlight a couple of important moments or things in longer posts, but today, I think so many important things happened that I need to do a quick recap. 

The leading story is Dinis‘s Power of Veto Ceremony decision. We knew going into today’s Digital Dailies that he had no plans to use the Veto. Instead, Dinis wanted to play it safe by not using it on nominees Avery and Janine. This sealed Janine’s fate. Part of the major storyline surrounding the Digitial Dailies was her acceptance of the end of her game.

Janine Accepts Her Fate

As of Monday (March 11), Janine hasn’t gone scorched earth to keep her position in the game. She has, instead, basically accepted that Anthony has too much power. He ruined her game. She boldly told him this as well. Janine has a few breakdowns where she’s so upset about the end of her game. 

She also has a camera talk by herself and wonders if she should try to get some revenge. She also points out how she has become more observant of the house dynamics. Janine wonders if she should use her final days to expose things and gather information.

The mom also uses her time to offer some game advice to players, including Matt. The eviction happens tomorrow, so it still remains possible for Janine to attempt to save her game. The house, nevertheless, seems set on taking Janine out and worrying about next week now.

Big Brother Canada 12-Anthony

Anthony’s Target Grows

Anthony deciding to nominate two women instead of a man and a woman has seemingly really hurt his game, especially his potential alliance with Bayleigh. She is not a fan of Anthony. So much so that she’s already considering nominating him and Tola next week. She wants a man with muscles gone next week and doesn’t really care if it’s Matt, Tola, or Anthony. 

Antony continues to worry about Vivek. His worry has helped turn some of the players’ targets toward Vivek, but it might not be enough to really build momentum against him.  Victoria worries more about Bayleigh and her plans to target Anthony. She warns Anthony and Matt that they should worry about her, but it’s unclear if Anthony really sees how dangerous she is to his game. Victoria also became upset with Anthony after he asked her to leave a room so he could talk to Matt. It’s unclear if she was really upset or playing it up to hide their alliance.

The Girls Turn Against Lexus

Lexus started the game as a player people were unsure about because of her quiet nature. Now, some women are ready to kick her out of the Big Sisters alliance. It all started with Lexus being close to the men, specifically Anthony and Matt. The women are worried that she has a secret alliance with them. They don’t like that she hangs out with the men all day and gathers no game information. They don’t believe she doesn’t talk game with them.

Big Brother Canada 12-Lexus and Victoria

Bayleigh and Donna are especially not happy with Lexus’s behavior. They ranted about it throughout the day. Donna gathered a few women and laid out a plan to not include Lexus in meetings. They wouldn’t go out of their way to keep her in the loop. Instead, they would wait for her to seek them out. Donna also suggested that they could replace Lexus with Dinis in their women’s alliance, or keep him close as a number.

Victoria informed Anthony and Lexus about what’s been going on with the women turning against her. Both of them thought this all sprung from jealousy. They thought Donna was jealous that Lexus and Anthony were getting close in a flirty way. However, Anthony and Lexus said that there was no romance brewing there, just friendship.

If anything, Lexus and Matt could be the potential showmance, but even that doesn’t seem like a strong possibility.

Avery and Kayla also talked about Lexus’s behavior. They want to stay true to the Hot Chocolate alliance (Kayla, Avery, Anthony, Victoria, and Lexus), but they need to discuss things with Lexus before she makes things too obvious. They don’t want her to ruin their plans and goals.

Kayla also wants to talk to Anthony to get him to show loyalty to them by revealing whether he has a secret deal with Lexus and some of the men, especially Matt. 

The week hasn’t even ended yet and things are getting intense. The Big Brother Canada 12 house is already becoming very interesting because if Matt or Tola wins HOH, they may target Bayleigh or another woman. If Bayleigh, Vivek, or even Donna win HOH, they may go for Anthony and Tola. Avery, Victoria, Todd, Kayla, and Dinis probably don’t need the HOH the most and should avoid it if possible.

Lexus also may be in trouble if some of the women decide to throw the alliance away and go after her. Tomorrow’s Head of Household Competition could be a very important one. 

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