Who Won Big Brother Canada 12?

Big Brother Canada 12-Final Three-Bayleigh, Lexus, and Anthony

Since March, we have been waiting to see which one of the 14 Big Brother Canada 12 players would take the crown. After nearly 70 days, it finally ended. The season started with Anthony and Victoria controlling the game. From week 1, it became clear it was their season to lose. At first, they were both playing strong games, but eventually, Victoria took control of it. 

However, Anthony became an untouchable player in the Big Brother Canada 12 house. They could have been one of the strongest final two matchups in the show’s history. However, Anthony waited for the right opportunity and took Victoria out of the running to win. This turned Big Brother Canada 12 from a battle between Victoria and Anthony, to a battle between Bayleigh and Anthony. Lexus wasn’t completely out of the game.

Anthony and Bayleigh just seemed like the players most likely to win the season. A 90-minute finale showed the final three players, Anthony, Lexus, and Bayleigh, battling it out in the three-part final Head of Household Competition.  Anthony won part 1, Bayleigh won part 2, and Anthony won the final part after going to a tiebreaker question with Bayleigh. Then he evicted, shockingly, Lexus, making Anthony and Bayleigh the final two players.

After some intense questioning and final two speeches, the jury was ready to decide. When Arisa Cox read the votes, they went as follows:

Elijah voted for Anthony to win.

Kayla voted for Bayleigh to win.

Avery voted for Bayleigh to win.

Tola voted for Bayleigh to win.

Victoria voted for Bayleigh to win.

Todd votes for Bayleigh to win.

Lexus voted for Bayleigh to win.

Bayleigh became the winner of Big Brother Canada 12.

Big Brother Canada 12 Spoilers-Bayleigh wins

Congrats Bayleigh on winning BBCAN12!

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