Big Brother Canada 12 Episode 27 Recap: The BBCAN Awards & Someone Wins Spot In Final 3

Big Brother Canada 12-Final Four

Big Brother Canada 12 is down to the final four. In a few days, we’ll see confirmation of the final three houseguests. Because there are so few players left in the game, we don’t expect much from tonight’s episode. However, it has a few important events. The first is the Big Brother Canada Awards. All week, Canada has been voting to reward their favorite moments of the season. These awards include things such as best kiss, best fight, funniest moments, and things of that nature.

These awards aren’t the most important. However, the contestants look forward to it. It allows them to dress up, enjoy delicious food, forget the game for a few hours, and see themselves on camera. It’s not the most exciting thing to watch. However, it’s a nice thing for the houseguests. The most important event of the episode is the Head of Household Competition.

Wednesday’s episode ended with Victoria‘s eviction and with the Top 4 being revealed. Bayleigh, Todd,  Lexus, and Anthony are the only four players still eligible to become the BBCAN12 winner. Now they just need to see which three make it to the finale night. Then the two that make it to the final chairs.

BBCAN12 Week 9 Eviction Fall-out

Victoria left the game by completely trying to destroy Anthony’s chance to make it to the end. She would rather see anyone win than him. This is fair since he was directly responsible for ending her game. We will see how the remaining three houseguests react to Victoria’s last fire.

Bayleigh questions Anthony for lying about all these alliances. Anthony is also not happy about Victoria throwing out all their alliances. He calls her a snitch. Bayleigh then wants Anthony to explain the Hot Chocolate alliance. He eventually tells her a half-truth about the alliance and leaves out Lexus being in it. He also downplays it as a serious alliance. Then he accidentally mentions Lexus being in it. Bayleigh knows Anthony is trying to leave Lexus out to hide their game relationship.

BBCAN12 Week 10 Head of Household Competition

The player who wins this guarantees their spot in the final three.

Todd, Bayleigh, and Lexus are asked questions about whether an event from the season happened before or after.

Round 1:  Lexus and Bayleigh earn a point.

Round 2: Everyone gets it right.

Round 3: Everyone gets it right.

Round 4: Lexus earns a point.

Round 5: Everyone earns a point.

Round 6: Bayleigh and Todd earn a point.

It’s a tie between Lexus and Bayleigh.

Bayleigh wins the tie-breaking question by not going over. Lexus goes over.

The BBCAN12 Awards

These are the moments that gained the most votes from the houseguests. Jedson returns to the house to interview houseguests, and Kuzie roasts the houseguests.  Jedson and Kuzie each call out Todd for not knowing who they are.

Awards Winners

Freakiest Moment: Creeper Jump Scare

Winner’s Winning Moment: Todd Down The Drain. 

Best Gross Out Moment: Don’t Panic.

Best Todd-ism: Noms and Confused.

It’s then a video of all the houseguests and the season.

BBCAN12 Week 10 Nominations

These don’t matter, but let’s see who goes on the block before the final Veto competition of the season.

Bayleigh nominates Todd and Lexus.


Everything else that happened in this episode of BBCAN12.

  • Bayleigh takes Todd to Wendy’s. She wants to make sure they’re on the same page.
  • Bayleigh’s girlfriend delivers her Wendy’s.
  • Todd and Bayleigh talk about Anthony doing the same thing as Victoria, just in a cleaner way. She talks about keeping Anthony off the block but plans to use the Veto on Todd.
  • Bayleigh wants to take Anthony out if given the chance, but they know they have no control if Lexus or Anthony win the Veto.
  • Lexus and Anthony reassure each other that they won’t take Todd over each other.
  • We get a jury segment. It shows Victoria arriving. They also discuss Anthony claiming loyalty but betraying people. They plan to bring the heat with the jury questions. It’s also a way to promote a phone, one of their sponsors.


We’re down to the final few days of BBCAN12. Therefore, we’re going to be ramping up content as we approach Wednesday’s finale. So make sure to return to Big Brother Network Canada for all the finale week fun.

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