Who Was Evicted Tonight on Big Brother Canada 12? (05/1/24)

Big Brother Canada 12-Victoria and Anthony

Big Brother Canada has been all about the dramatic “To Be Continued” recently. It did this during Tuesday’s episode. We were left wondering whether Anthony would betray his final two and nominate Victoria for eviction. He wanted to have one final conversation with Bayleigh before deciding. Her answer to Anthony’s question could save Victoria or herself from the block.

Tonight’s episode is a very important one because it will show us who joins Anthony and Todd in the final four. We’re only a week away from the finale, so there is a lot of game left as we edge closer and closer to the final three.

That’s why Victoria’s potential eviction hits so hard for her. She only needs two more people to leave before she’s headed to finale night and possibly sitting in one of the final two chairs. Additionally, Victoria has played the best game so far. Therefore, if Anthony nominates Victoria, and Todd and Bayleigh vote her out, this opens up the game a lot. Anthony on paper has the next best chance of winning Big Brother Canada 12.

However, a few factors could hurt him. Victoria has a lot of influence on some of the jury members. She could always turn the tides against an Anthony win. Additionally, it may depend on who sits next to him in the final two, and it also might matter who wins the Veto. Neither Bayleigh nor Todd seem afraid of cutting him if given the chance.

We have a lot of game left, so let’s see how the final few episodes go, starting with this one and its major conclusion.

BBCAN12 Week 9 Power of Veto Ceremony

Will Anthony nominate Victoria?

Bayleigh confirms that Victoria has been throwing his name under the bus. He then tells her how Victoria has been slandering her to stay off the block. Victoria continues to plea to not go on the block. He continues to insist that she has been setting him up to be taken out by someone else.

Todd removes himself from the block. Anthony names Victoria as his replacement.

Victoria tells the DR that she doesn’t think Anthony believes what he’s saying. He just needs to get her out because she’s a good competitor. She’s proud of her game. Meanwhile, Anthony says he doesn’t believe Victoria is completely loyal. He doesn’t believe she cared about their game. Anthony thinks she was only focused on her game.

Bayleigh explains to Victoria why she stopped trusting her.  It mainly revolves around her voting against her last week. It showed her that she wasn’t really her number one.

BBCAN12 Week 9 Eviction Results

Victoria tells Anthony that he’s going to look like trash. They start arguing. The fight escalates and ends with stuff smashed and her exposing their final two from the start. Victoria uses her eviction speech to trash Anthony.

Bayleigh votes to evict Victoria.

Todd votes to evict Victoria.

Victoria leaves without giving Anthony a goodbye hug. She says they’ll talk after the show.


Everything else that happened in this week’s episode.

  • Skip treats the final five to a luxury meal, music, and drinks. They also get a $1,000 Skip gift card. During their dinner, they try to talk being thankful for being in the house. Victoria decides not to say anything, but then gets into the party spirit.
  • Lexus, Anthony, Bayleigh, and Todd have a little gossip session about Victoria. Then she walks in the room. It immediately gets awkward.
  • We get a jury segment and Avery and Tola instantly regret some of their decisions. Avery apologizes to Kayla and they realize they got played. Tola seems hurt that Anthony didn’t even give him a sympathy vote. He felt everyone turned their backs on him.

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