Big Brother Canada 11 Premiere Date Revealed Plus Schedule Changes!

Big Brother Canada 11 Premiere Video-Arisa CoxFinally, Big Brother Canada 11 has a premiere date. We knew back in June that it would be back for a new season, but the premiere date remained a mystery. In the last couple of seasons, Big Brother Canada has premiered on the first Wednesday of March.

This season is slightly different. It still premieres within the first two weeks of the season but this time, it is the second Wednesday in March. Big Brother Canada 11 premieres on March 8 at 9 PM EST.

The hit reality show once again premieres on Global and STACKTV. According to the official Big Brother Canada 11 press release, it will once again air three nights a week but the days are a little different from the norm.

Big Brother Canada’s 2023 schedule goes as followed:

  • Tuesdays at 7 PM EST
  • Wednesday at 9 PM EST
  • Thursday at 7 PM EST

The only major shift is from Monday to Tuesday. This means that Big Brother Canada fans can watch the show consecutively from Tuesday to Thursday. The TV show shifting its premiere from the first to the second week of March, likely means that the May finale will also be a week later than last season’s Big Brother Canada 10 finale, so on or around May 11. 

With the Big Brother Canada 11 premiere date announcement, expect a lot more details and rumors about the upcoming seasons to start arriving soon.

We can’t wait. See you on March 8!


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