Who Went Home Tonight? BBCAN9 Week 7 Eviction Recap (4/16/21)

In the game of Big Brother, you never know exactly what to expect. It’s a game all about adapting, maneuvering a situation, and being ready to face any obstacle. How a player navigates his or her Big Brother obstacles separate okay players from great ones. So far in Big Brother Canada 9, not one player has been able to flip the votes in their favor. If a vote flip nearly happened, it was less about the things the player said or did and more about the fear of the potential of the person sitting next to him or her. This Big Brother Canada 9 week, we may witness our first true vote flip.

On Wednesday’s episode, Kiefer was devastated to learn that his former alliance of the Sunsetters (minus Tina) planned to name him as Tera’s replacement nominee. This meant that two Sunsetters (Tina and Kiefer) would face off against each other on the block this week, crushing the dream of a Sunsetters final five. It also seemed like a done deal for Kiefer’s game. His statistics were far more impressive than Tina’s, so it just made sense for Tychon, Breydon, Tera, and Beth to vote him out now that he was on the block. But will they actually take the shot and get rid of a big game threat?

BBCAN9 Week 7 Power Of Veto Ceremony Fall-Out

Kiefer feels completely betrayed by Jedson, Tychon, and Beth. And what does a scorned person often do in the game of Big Brother? Throw everyone’s game under the bus.

Everyone is emotional after this week’s Power of Veto Ceremony, especially Kiefer and Jedson.

Kiefer decides to tell Breydon about the Sunsetters but leaves out that Tina was in the alliance.

Jedson and Kiefer talk about this move, and Kiefer swears his loyalty to the Sunsetters and specifically Jedson. He then works on getting Tychon’s vote. Beth, Jedson, and Tychon discuss the possibility of keeping Kiefer and decide it’s the move they want to make. Tychon and Jedson let Kiefer know that they want to keep him. Beth gets upsets that they told Kiefer without her. She claims they stole her vote by doing it without her.

BBCAN9 Week 7 Vote To Evict

Beth votes to evict Tina

Breydon votes to evict Tina

Tera votes to evict Kiefer

Tychon votes to evict Tina

Tina is evicted 3-1

BBCAN9 Week 8 Head of Household

Will this week’s Head of Household competition play out live or will we have to wait until Monday to find out who won?

Arisa Cox confirmed that we will know who wins this week HoH comp.

The houseguests had to listen to audio from former BBCAN9 houseguests. Then they had to answer who said each quote. The winner would be whichever got the most correct out of seven quotes.

1st quote-Everyone but Kiefer gets it correct.

2nd quote-Everyone gets it correct.

3rd quote-All are correct but Beth.

4th quote-Tera and Kiefer get it correct.

5th quote-All but Tychon get it correct.

6th quote-All are incorrect

7th quote-All get it correct.

Tera is the nee HoH!



  • Tychon and Breydon talk about the importance of diversity in the media, especially on this season of Big Brother Canada. They also talk about George Floyd and systematic racism.
  • The houseguests do a pepper eating contest. They won a party as reward for eating the peppers.
  • Next week is a fake double eviction. Two will be evicted then they’ll fight for one of them to go back in.

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